Has anyone else ever seen this before on Marrakesh

This is messing with my head a bit, but a while ago in the basement of the embassy in the back entrance near the stairs where there is a wrench and a crowbar, I once saw a coin that was next to the crowbar, it was weird to me because it was out of reach, it was tucked under the shelves against the wall, and I couldn’t pick it up and I remember saying to myself what an odd place to put a coin or any item. I moved on and came back to the game today and I needed the crowbar and I realized that the coin was not there anymore. I have only seen it once. And now it doesn’t seem to spawn there anymore, or perhaps never did. Has anyone ever seen a coin there before? Perhaps the devs removed it or something

DId you not throw a coin in the room? Sometimes coins can get lodged under parts of the environment and you can’t retrieve them, it’s possible you threw a coin and it ended up there out of reach


No, That’s why it is weird with me, I didn’t throw any coins in that room, I even checked to make sure I had all the coins in my equipment

The real question is: Why the **** the fortune teller puts a freaking remote explosive besides his bed before going to sleep?

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No idea why that happened. Most likely a rare glitch of some sorts!

Nothing can beat this though.