Have any thought for universe

Have any member is have interest of universe? What is take on universe if what we be learn is not really? Please not having flat earth thought. I believing universe is living being. Our self is like a microscopic bacteria for living being. Is same like with body. Believe universe is alive like having heartbeat pain thoughts. Maybe we are similar as cells? Is fascinate for me having universe thought.


I have sometimes looked at another person and wondered why I am me and how life is limited by me only being able to experience life inside myself and how life is like for others inside themselves.


My interest in the universe lies almost solely with its inevitable end, with a little room left over for how it might have begun, and almost no interest in what is happening in-between. Of the four most prevailing theories of how it all might end - the Big Freeze, the Big Crunch, the Big Rip, and the Big Change - the one I’m hoping for most is the Big Change, as that will be an absolute clean-sweep. Start again from scratch. The most profound reboot in existence. Although currently, the one that seems most likely to occur from what we’re seeing is the Big Rip, which is a little less pleasing, but will happen a lot sooner than the others, so it’s got its plus side.

As for the nature of the universe, while I believe that it is entirely possible that an Intelligent Force may have created it and set it all in motion (God, basically, but not necessarily of any currently held belief), I don’t think that Intelligence is interacting with it anymore, if it ever did beyond starting it. And as such, I think the universe is just matter and energy; just mindless, uncaring, unfeeling, unjudging matter and energy that neither notices us, nor would care if it did. Maybe the Intelligence that perhaps made it all notices us and cares, but He/She/It/They is or are not actively participating in anything that happens, even if that was once the case, so it plays no part in the universe’s current state or its eventual conclusion.

My two cents.

You speak as if any of us would be alive to see it.

The world and universe existed for millions of years supposedly before the first simple organisms appeared. I am pretty sure we will all be extinct millions of years before the Earth ends - unless humans at that time are able to colonize space but that could still very well be true as any cataclysm large enough to destroy Earth would probably have destroyed/rebooted the entire system and humanity will have long died off before that (maybe).

That is the prevailing scientific theory. Sentient life would go extinct long before any possible end of the universe. But on the bright side our universe is younger than we thought it was by 2 billion years and one of the Big Freeze I think was decried as impossible either that or it was the rip.

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Related to feeling weird about the Universe and the possibility of life within another person, I once had a bizarre dream where I was trapped in the body of George Lucas and I was about to sign off on the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney.

It was so real… I still remember it all…

Bob Iger : “All you have to do is sign George and we’ll take it all off your hands.”
Me: “What are you talking about?”
Iger: "Lucas film. "

I recall excusing myself and checking the bathroom mirror… I was really George Lucas. I go back.

Me: “You mean Star Wars?”
Iger: “The whole thing, George. Just like we talked about.”
Me: “Why would I ever give you Star Wars?!?”
Iger: “You were tired George. You didn’t like fans saying stuff about the changes you did. Han shot second and all that.”
Me: “That’s bullshit, Bob! Han ALWAYS shot first!”
Iger (to my lawyer): “You talk to him.”

Also for some weird reason it was happening in a room overlooking the Comic Con show floor… It made me wonder why we were finishing the deal here…

Then I woke up… :stuck_out_tongue:

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No, I know none of us will be around. But that’s irrelevant. I’m so disgusted with the inherent flaw of reality’s very existence that anything that would result in its total, absolute break down and dissolution is something I cheer for, and in the case of the Big Change, if physicists are even partially correct, would fundamentally alter the very fabric of reality that all of existence would simply blink out into nothingness, or the universe would basically start over with entirely new laws and principles the likes of which we can scarcely dream. That comforts me, in a vindictive sort of way.

Besides, even if we were alive to see it, both the Big Change and the Big Rip would happen so quickly, literally in a fraction of a nanosecond, we’d all be in the Twilight Zone thirty seconds before we even knew what happened.

I think it was actually the Big Crunch. The Big Freeze is the current front runner, with the Big Rip gaining traction on it the more we see the effects of Dark Energy. The Big Change is a big maybe, but best of the lot in my book.

Sometimes I wonder if this hasn’t all happened before… How do we know we’re not in the 100,000th iteration of all life?

Christ, I hope not. That’s a record player that does not need to be left in repeat mode. Any reality this inherently, fundamentally awful doesn’t deserve to get more than one go-round, and I think it’s time the plug was pulled as is. Somebody wake up Azathoth already!

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What if as Happen inside mass effect is true? We not Finding other planet for having life because universe is only allow one planet with living creature one times until next cycle. So many waste for space. So huge.

I am not aware this is true in Mass Effect. What I remember in Mass Effect is Reaper always erase all life when life advance too much and make advanced machine creatures.

Many planet in Mass Effect have living creatures. Example human, turian, asari, etc.

If you’ve got the time this is certainly worth a watch. I found it really interesting, especially towards the end

No matter how bad it gets, nothing is forever.

Which inherent flaw exactly?

What makes you so sure that the laws and principles would change?

What is it with this extremely negative outlook?

Lots of theories talk about a neverending repeating cycle like you just described. Another possiblity is that we are simply a simulation, however weird and counterintuitive that sounds.

Interesting phrase that could be read in different definitions. One is that nothing will last forever, a very common phrase. Another definition would be the concept of nothingness in the quantum fields, which does basically exist forever.


I think that was disproven on grounds that any Intelligence with the capacity to create this simulation would have no motivation to simulate us.


That if such Simulation Interest is deemed factual then the existence of such Intelligence means a potentially infinite set of nested simulations.

Weird conclusion to draw, and based on what? Humanity at this point already loves simulations.

How does a near infinite set of simulations disprove our reality being a simulation?

The first because we would be “too mundane” or not interesting enough for something that intelligent.

But also that if it were then it is highly probable there are infinite (not near infinite actually infinite) simulations (we are simulation that create other simulation, they too can be simulation, and so on) which is not possible because then nothing would be able to progress. A bit like “moving the start line backwards forever”.

That’s a huge assumption on your part. Besides, it’s hard to grasp what counts as entertainment for such a civilization. Try explaining a squirrel the point of an amusement park, it simply won’t grasp it. Same for this civilization, it could simply be a form of entertainment to watch and observe a simulation they created. Hell, on a much smaller scale we do the same with games like the sims.

Again, that is a flawed conclusion. You are also assuming that a simulation will be allowed to simulate universes themselves. Also lets assume were a simulation, we then got simulated in a world where creating simulations of such scale ourselves is simply not possible.

To then claim that nothing would be able to progress is off aswell. It doesn’t mean that literally everything everywhere is a simulation.

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I know and think a lot about this subject, but I can’t express it without confusion

I also had dreams… Two of them. Both had my father in them. It’s peculiar. I’m older now then he ever was by twenty years. So, in a sense, he’s the younger man. Anyway, the first one I don’t remember too well but, it was about meeting him in town somewhere and he give me some money. I think I lost it. The second one, it was like we was both back in older times and I was on horseback going through the mountains of a night. Going through this pass in the mountains. It was cold and there was snow on the ground and he rode past me and kept on going. Never said nothing going by – just rode on past. And he had his blanket wrapped around him and his head down. When he rode past, I seen he was carrying fire in a horn the way people used to do, and I-I could see the horn from the light inside of it – about the color of the moon. And in the dream I knew that he was going on ahead and he was fixing to make a fire somewhere out there in all that dark and all that cold. And I knew that whenever I got there, he’d be there. And then I woke up.