Have HITMAN 2 installed, can’t play

I am playing on XBOX One, and I have HITMAN 2, HITMAN 2 Legacy, and the Expansion Pass, but for some reason I can’t play Hitman 2 levels. I checked my installed and made sure it was installed, it was. Whenever I try to play a non-legacy level, it re-directs me to the Microsoft Store and shows me the Gold Edition. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Did you buy the actual Hitman 2 game or did you get the starter pack/free version

I bought the actual game. I got a disc. I have it installed, it won’t let me play though. I have no access to Miami - Himmelstein

Do you have access to New York, Hantu port, and Siberia? I’m not really sure how to help you on this you might have to do the old uninstall reinstall

Yes. I have legacy missions, Siberia, Hantu Port, and New York