Have you ever thought about Hitman cookies? badeaguard's replicas

Today I’m very proud to present, baked directly from Milano:
The Hitman Cookies…

A badeaguard’s replica


I want 10 cookies and the last photo in a frame.


Unreal. Where can I get 'em?

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Coolest cookie I’ve ever seen :slight_smile:


Send me 47 of these pls :relaxed:


A damn fine model you are m8 :wink:

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They look good mate, I wouldn’t mind tasting them. See it as an offering to the moderators.


And dont forget to take the box of cookies behind the hedge and use the Syringe Sedative. Disguise as moderator Badea.

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Can you send a full box of them to Mexico, please? :B

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Not gonna meme, gonna resist.


Can’t wait for „The Hitman Cookies v2: closest to perfection…“


Insert 47’s voice here: “May I temp you with a little snack?”

This is awesome! I like it.


These are great cookies! But, what kind are they? What flavour do they hold?

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This is such a good idea, I love it! :smiley: IOI needs to feature a Hitman cookie recipe on their website :smile:

Can I become a moderator in order to receive the cookies? :slight_smile:

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hold it everyone, before you go dashing in to eat those things, remember what 47 does with nice-looking food and fatalidomide . . .

seriously - good thinking, that, well done indeed!

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I made them just for fun and did not baked them personally of course. I contacted a shop in Milano which are specialized in custom bakery like cakes and custom biscuits for occasions.

Next time we meet I’ll bring you some instead of Italian wine :blush:

You can do it as I did. Just search online for custom bakery in your area or country. Something will pop out for sure. Look at their portfolio and see if you like their work first.
Then send a picture of the logo and tell them your decoration idea.

Eh :grimacing: I made an order of just 15 and it cost me quite a lot. But I’m very glad about the results.
If we ever organize a Hitmanforum meeting I will be sure to bring with me a lot of these just for the occasion.

:grimacing: Like I said above. It did cost me a lot to only make 15. But search for a decorative bakery in Mexico. I’m sure you will find someone who can bake cookies same as mine if not better.

I have to say I had very low expectations when I made the order but when they arrived today I was totally surprised. Perfect at first try :partying_face:

They are to “die” for.

Well… I have no idea how to describe them. They are mostly for show, edible of course. Quite soft, not too hard. They taste good I guess, I mean I would gladly eat another one now :man_shrugging:


Nice, but I won’t be satisfied until I see a Silverballer Mark 4 replica that’s one giant cookie.


They look yummy, but I’d be wary of eating them because I’ve played enough HITMAN. :syringe:


Man, those look great. And tasty!

No, a CAKE!! Two of them!
That would be awesome.
One showing off each side :gun::cake::gun: lol

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I am thinking about another replica. I want to name it the Codename 47 Hardballer Replica or something like that.
Mark 3 is called now The Unique Silverballer replica. Which I will post something very very interesting soon.

But there is more to come. I have an idea about a branding “badeaguard’s replicas”.
In a couple of weeks I have something huge to share :innocent: