Have you ever thought about Hitman cookies? badeaguard's replicas

I’m fucking dying hahahahaha. Oh that made my day! @badeaguard, you crack me up!


Also, if there isn’t a bald guy who looks exactly like Bade in a suit very similar to 47s who is selling cookies in S3 then IO doesn’t love us :joy:

Maybe when 47 eats the cookie he can say “oh I see, these are wonderful- I must find a way to REPLICATE them. Wait! Why do you look kind of like me? I must go now, thank you for the cookie, Alex.”

Then we will all know that 47 knows who @badeaguard is, and knows he’s a massive fan!


Maaaaan that would be wonderful!
I ca only wish :heart_eyes:

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The best easter egg would be for IOI to include an exact replica of @badeaguard’s Silverballer.


I would love to see the cookies inside a level, maybe even some of the forum member who exists as NPC eating them.


You folks at IoI want some cookies? @Travis_IOI

There could be what is labelled as a silver baller inside a level, you pick it and it says it has 7 shots. When you shook it you realise it’s an air soft gun. Whoever you shoot just yells and curses at you.

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Wow, looks dope!! :grin:

Also glad you survived, apparently they weren’t tampered with :wink:


I’ll volunteer to be the NPC “forum” Chef who makes the cookies in the level!!

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Sorry mate the position of being the ingame-chef is take. :stuck_out_tongue:


Your guns replicas were good, but these… top notch work. I am consistently shocked by your attention to detail and quality.

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Not my work. I just payed a bakery and gave them instruction. Results are very surprising