Have you ever witness items landing in strange places

Two years ago I came across something strange on Marrakech. In the basement/garage area of the Swedish embassy, in the back room with the stairwell leading up to the ground level of the embassy (where the wrench and crowbar are located)

I saw a coin under the shelf next to the crowbar. I have no idea how it got there. I have no explanations, aside from maybe an enemy was carrying one and when I killed him it dropped there. Usually items drop straight down when you knock out or kill an NPC, I was wondering has anyone ever seen items drop more randomly from enemies and end up landing in strange places?

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That coin and one in Sapienza are unreachable, a mistake by the devs. But I think they are replaced/removed in Hitman 2. Do you play Season 1?

I think I remember seeing a thread where one member had to leave hitman altogether because he had schizophrenia or something and that coin had really spooked him.
Here it is

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In Absolution yes. It may be a Glacier 2 thing. Sometimes items go through the floor or wall when thrown in instinct mode i noticed. I play on PS4.

That story has an happy end, he got to buy Hitman 2 recently and is glad he did that. :slight_smile:


oh, awesome!



You missed that it’s the same person.

I would say this is what most likely happened.


oh heck


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Huh what a plot twist. :joy:

Also it’s very usual that items can glitch under the floor. But that happens mostly with guns.


So, if it’s the same person, why is it being repeated? Is it happening again?

I guess they just want to make sure by asking again if anyone have experienced the same thing.

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bloody annoying, that, although I did wonder if it was technically possible to get a gun through a frisk zone by forcing one through the floor but it’s not repeatable enough to see if there’s a place where that might be useful

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I guess what I am asking isn’t an item landing in a strange place but an item landing far away from a knocked out/dead NPC. Usually items an NPC carries lands straight down, I was wondering if anyone seen their items land or end up further away

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The only time coins are unreachable for me is when I toss them badly, and even then it’s fairly rare they land in unreachable places.

The only annoying quirks for me pertain to knocked out bodies/corpses, body bags, and animations.

I sometimes see knocked out bodies/corpses flop weirdly in certain places. Body bags are dragged fully laid out by NPCs coming to bag a corpse, so they oddly quiver down stairs. Why they couldn’t just have them carry them rolled up or folded, then lay them out seems odd.

The one that bugs me most is the time it takes 47 to be ready to drag a body after acquiring a disguise. I don’t know if it’s a chest slap thing or a holstering animation, but you have to wait for that before he’ll grab and drag the body, and this is after only acquiring a disguise, not after picking up a weapon. I get that they need a holster animation for picking up a weapon, but after acquiring a disguise? It makes it take just that much longer to hide a body, and sometimes can result in detection.

I have never come across a coin or anything else that is unreachable except one item. I think it’s a phone or a radio maybe on a table in a staff only space near the grandstands in Miami. It might even be reachable except that the radio feature is not in the game (many of us think there was to be some gameplay feature that was cut and that explains the overly visible radios on all the season 2 guards).

Humans are beautifully imperfect creatures!
I’m sure the coin was placed there during development by one of those beautifully imperfect humans who worked so hard to make the game we love. Then it was removed once the designers noticed the error It’s the most logical explanation.

sometimes phasing through the ground, noticed in Marrakesh and Whittleton Creek although maybe less so recently, the things’ll fall onto a lower floor if there’s one there