Have you ever witness items landing in strange places

Two years ago I came across something strange on Marrakech. In the basement/garage area of the Swedish embassy, in the back room with the stairwell leading up to the ground level of the embassy (where the wrench and crowbar are located)

I saw a coin under the shelf next to the crowbar. I have no idea how it got there. I have no explanations, aside from maybe an enemy was carrying one and when I killed him it dropped there. Usually items drop straight down when you knock out or kill an NPC, I was wondering has anyone ever seen items drop more randomly from enemies and end up landing in strange places?

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That coin and one in Sapienza are unreachable, a mistake by the devs. But I think they are replaced/removed in Hitman 2. Do you play Season 1?

I think I remember seeing a thread where one member had to leave hitman altogether because he had schizophrenia or something and that coin had really spooked him.
Here it is

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In Absolution yes. It may be a Glacier 2 thing. Sometimes items go through the floor or wall when thrown in instinct mode i noticed. I play on PS4.

That story has an happy end, he got to buy Hitman 2 recently and is glad he did that. :slight_smile:


oh, awesome!



You missed that it’s the same person.

I would say this is what most likely happened.

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oh heck


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Huh what a plot twist. :joy:

Also it’s very usual that items can glitch under the floor. But that happens mostly with guns.

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So, if it’s the same person, why is it being repeated? Is it happening again?

I guess they just want to make sure by asking again if anyone have experienced the same thing.

bloody annoying, that, although I did wonder if it was technically possible to get a gun through a frisk zone by forcing one through the floor but it’s not repeatable enough to see if there’s a place where that might be useful

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I guess what I am asking isn’t an item landing in a strange place but an item landing far away from a knocked out/dead NPC. Usually items an NPC carries lands straight down, I was wondering if anyone seen their items land or end up further away

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