Haven Island - Is The USB thief's location ever mentioned by any npcs or notes?

This is going to sound strange but when I play levels I like to roleplay as though 47 needs to find out info by listening into the usual conversations that trigger mission stories etc rather than just going to the location because I have played the level multiple times.

I know that usually the only way you can find out the thief’s location is by checking the surveillance footage but I have a really good suit only method and viewing the footage in the suit only is very awkward. Are there any other clues to her location or conversation that mention her?

I suppose if not I could just ‘headcanon’ that 47 was going down to check out the servers and bumped into her perhaps.

Mansion guards that are standing outside the mansion are talking about this, but I’m not sure they mention the specific thief location


Ye you’re right mister they just talk about it being stolen but not the location.

I think the idea from hearing it mentioned in various spots is just to put it in your head that there is SOMEONE to be on the lookout for. The video-tape of the person is the only visual clue :red_circle: :billed_cap: , but I think that leaves 2 people that fit the description. There’s one lab-worker by the dock at the back of the villa where another is cooking. And there’s the other one in the lab itself… And that’s the only one that gives a verbal clue as to verify that she’s the culprit. This is all known.

But how to view this video to get the visual clue ‘Suit Only’? This is for the video in the Villa security room -I assume.

But there’s also the video or surveillance monitors in Tyson Williams secret security room. I don’t know if this gives any clues though…

So this aspect (or possibility) might’ve been overlooked by IO. Either wear a disguise, or brute-force it and have a subdue party.

Or, one could even try to get them to leave the area with a well placed explosion to draw them to. It might or might not work.


Thanks Tetra. Yep it is only the guard room that shows you the footage of the thief as you said, the other secret room just shows random locations.

One thing I’ve noticed though is that if you do the Story opportunity ‘A Lucrative Opportunity’ where 47 is asked by Vetrova to find the thief and get the usb for her the game doesn’t direct you to look at the footage. One checkpoint is to infiltrate the villa and as soon as you enter the Villa area the next checkpoint marker shows the thief’s location in the underground facility.

However if you do the other one ‘Idle Hands’ where you give the usb to Williams that does tell you to check out the tapes before her location is marked.

I usually follow the first opportunity though so I just headcanon that we are meant to know the thiefs location in that case ha.