HAVEN Island (Maldives) / The Last Resort - Discussion Thread [Spoilers]

Not necessarily, Colorado had 4 targets and Miami and Sapienza had 2, which of those maps were bigger?

It will be bigger than the Bank, that’s for sure, but I suspect it will still be Level 15 Mastery


It is a resort wich is good enough on its own but they probably gonna add the secret science lab thing to add some elevation i think


Slipping mechanics too? Banana and soap .jpg

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Just like water pool slip animation when removing the wet floor sign.


Banana in the tailpipe. Banana in the tailpipe.


If I remember correctly, bananas were an old unused item that was there from launch day. So it would be cool to see them actually appear.
Regarding lab coat disguises and considering the purpose of the HAVEN facility, I’d say it’s not farfetched to believe they have a plastic surgery unit.

Also I renamed the thread to a more proper name.


Yay! Now whenever IO browses the forum they’ll be like “Damn, they know the actual name”

In any case, I’m really looking forward to it… I pray it releases next month (It’s August where I am, so I can say that), and it has tonnes of replayability. In theory it should… I mean there’s not exactly lots of things to do at a bank, but there should be plenty at a resort, especially one which also has some weird medical science clinic or whatever

I wonder if the original leaks will end up being true, about it only have 5 starting locations and two exits… that seems too small, even the bank had 6 starting points and 4 exits (Even if one was an easter egg)

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get in happy there might be a possibility for my name to be a target (the first one that is) :partying_face::partying_face:

So we seen some antique knifes… And a goldballer which is dapper… A treasure map?

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The 2019 roadmap promised an antique knife at some point after all.


I say it’s very possible considering Bank introduced vents as gameplay element.Would be cool if every mission had something unique like that


Omg that crate gives me flashbacks to Silent Assassin!!

What Is that wierd blobby circle thing with sticks coming out of it, is it a stethoscope?

September IO I pray :pray:

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Btw. Reznikov has Haven pamplet pinned to his map. Guess that was the warmer climates Roman had in mind after the escape.


Yes it is. Looks a bit weird in the pic because I assume it’s a fiber wire reskin.


With the map areas, I’m hoping there is a forested area with coconut palms which is infiltrated, moving onto slower paced setting within a resort-type hotels on stilts in the sea, with one route in one route out. I would like to see multiple targets in this one.


what briefing video have I missed something

On the pamphlet it mentions “World class cuisine”.

I assume there might be a kitchen area too.

I don’t want to burst any ones bubble but it’s highly unlikely we won’t get the resort in September because we are still waiting for ghost mode in Mumbai and the rivals theme