HAVEN Island (Maldives) / The Last Resort - Discussion Thread [Spoilers]

Why may I ask?



Cause it isn’t a ski resort, it is an island resort. It is filled with sand instead of snow.

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Very strange, first ‘tip’ was Sep 11, then no tips and now it’s Sep 16. That means if they start right now they’d have 1 tip per day, including on release day itself. If they don’t post one today then they’re going to have to start posting two a day!

Weird social media scheduling.

Maybe they scrapped the idea

I have a feeling that they are going to make us redo all these challenges for whatever “Tactical issues” in

This was a good way of having us speculate

47 Maldies in HAVEN.
I’d actually like to play as Lucas Grey. Could be fun.
I hope he doesn’t turn out to betray 47. I really like his character


From the stream I have noticed that Clemens and Travis called Haven Island Episode 7 and a big finish for H2.

So it means that we are getting a level on the scale of the others maps of H2 ? Mastery Level 20 ?


How can The Resort be episode 7 when we’ve already had 7 canon levels?

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Hawkes bay - Tutorial :smile:

A glorified tutorial, yes, but also a canon mission. The entirety of Hitman 2 is necessarily contingent on 47 discovering the files on Reynard’s computer.

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A 20 lvl mastery map would be welcome. I liked the bank but I hope this one is at least as big as Sapienza. The bigger the map, the more time I’ll spend on it.


Just an assumption, but if the Resort map is big (like Sapienza), we can expect a level 20 Mastery. I don’t think we’ll get lot of unlocks (maybe 3-4 tools or weapons, maybe the starting suit with gloves), but we’d get numerous stashes and starting locations that could require 20 levels…


And if we are getting 3 targets it seems that we will have more mission stories and more challenges.

So Mastery Level 20 can be expected


It would be fair to give us a 20 mastery lvl map since this one’s gold pass only, so it should be more valuable.

Level 20 mastery would be nice, but we definitely need more replayability this time. The bank is nice but it does not offer much after you played it a few times, I do hope they have more this time for us in store, something bigger and especially in size bigger. I almost fear that the building we see there is the only building on the whole island, with a few huts and thats it. :smiley:


I like a mix of sizes, and yeah I hope it’s bigger. I doubt it’s Mumbai big, but maybe Miami style. Since the bank was smaller I think it makes sense the resort would be bigger, expansion pass budget wise.

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Why do some think the Gold minus Silver content has to be bigger than Silver content?


All of you getting your hopes up for Level 20 Mastery, would be a shame if you all found yourselves disappointed in 9 days time…