Haven Island not unlocked

I would like to find out why I cannot play Haven Island. I own much everything and all the other gold release items before came unlocked. My Gold edition in steam is checked but “not installed” - dunno why. Same goes for Early access and Expansion Pack 1+2. The Expansion Pass on the other hand shows checked and installed. Is this a bug? I guess it is. Or is is because Gold edition isnt installed? If so, why did all the other gold stuff come unlocked? And how to get it installed in steam? Or is there anything else I dont see?
THX 4 reading.


Haven should be available in two hours

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Here is a schedule of map release:
September 24th

Xbox One (Global) 13:00 UTC
PS4 (Europe) 13:00 UTC
PS4 (North America) 15:00 UTC
PC (Global) 17:00 UTC

September 25th

PS4 (Asia) 03:00 UTC
PS4 (Japan) 03:00 UTC

Please check the news before panicking and posting


Just to be clear: I am not panicking. And I am allowed to post what I want when I want as long as I am not violating the forum rules. And that is exactly what I did, right? Thank You.
But also Thank You for Your repost of the schedule, which of course helps and answers my initial question.
So my new question is, why does the game show content that is not available yet and then links to the steam shop when trying to unlock?
It feels like the wrong order. First I expect the server update to happen. Then I would expect the new content on the servers. Then I expect the download of the update and when its done, mission ready. No questions would be raised by this. But what happend was a download, then unaccessable content. That does raise questions. Or am I overrating failproof procedures?


It’s just how it works.
Believe me, many of us asking the same.
Also we asking why PC players always get new content last of all.
But it is what it is

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IO are controlling the gate by letting players download the content, before unlocking it.
The bank was avaliable before the official launchtime, because the Steam version was unlocked before the official time. IO are preventing it this time.


I never encountered this.
For me new content was always available after release time.
I mean I could start download it after specified time

It’s still strange behaviour that the gane/steam runs a micropatch of 600mb prior to new content that already shows it as available ingame, but locked behind an expansion pass, when in reality it is NOT available yet but you got the expansion pass. I fell for it too.

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I had to manually search on the PS4 store “Haven Island” in order to download it

And ofcourse I start work at 17:00. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Going to be a long shift, wanting to get back as soon as possible to be able to play this. Ah well.

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Man, why is it that every single time PC players have to wait the longest? It just ain’t fair.

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That is painful! Condolences! :slight_smile: @Silvereyes

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I’ve noticed, even though I’ll have to wait another 6 hours, it says I’ve already got 4% complete on it. Has to be a bug.

Hello on my Pc Haven Island isnt working to also, I habe Expansion Pass. Its not even shown on Steam

Is Haven’t Island released for steam? I am in asia, if there are timezone releases on steam. Any info would be helpful. I

I think they’re released UTC i’m in Europe so I should have it if there were timezone releases.

It should be available on Steam 30 minutes from now.

Still locked for me at this time.

Are you sure it’s time already?
For me it’s 20 more minutes

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I know it is hard to handle UTC, GMT, all that stuff. But an easy solution is to just type “UTC time” into Google and let it tell you. :smile: No worry I do that too.