Haven Island - Sleep With the Fishes?

Does anyone know how to do these challenges? Redacted challenges can be so damn frustrating sometimes…

I got very frustrated with this challenge so i threw a fish at the lady in the pool and got it.


And they say violence doesn’t solve anything. You sure showed them!

I’m sure this is the one where you have to pick up the moving fish? I did mine next to the smaller boat exit

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No. That challenge is called Plenty Of Fish In The Sea. I got them confused too.

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Ahh my bad! I couldn’t remember off the top of my head :joy:

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I completed the challenge on a second account and recorded it. I’m not exactly sure what triggers the completion, but I tried throwing a fish at the lady in the pool after the big fishes has passed in the water (and then he jumps).
Here you go:


Well, violence has been known to solve things; I mean, just look at bigMooney…

I don’t know what you’re talking about, sorry.

He’s a super-popular Hitman Youtuber best known for his “Kill Everyone” Challenges

Ah, ok.

Tried to do exactly what you did, the guy jumped and… the game crashed :frowning: Not exactly the result I was hoping for. But worked on second try.

Standing behind the guy and getting rid of the woman in the pool (I used sleep darts) without alerting the guy so that he jumps seems to trigger the challenge reliably. The position of the fishes doesn’t seem to matter. Can be done via the Private Villa Pier starting location in matter of seconds.

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I shot her and got the challenge, dont need to use the fish

All you have to do is to just kill her (maybe even silence with some object). I was standing hidden on the other side, far from the man. Killed her and he jumped. I guess that all that’s required is to make her stop talking to him.

Not necessary to kill someone just for the reason of stop talking :slight_smile:
If this is the requirement (to stop her talking) you can just distract her without killing non-target and losing SA.
But of course this should work only if the requirement just to stop her from talking.
I can do some tests on this case

Edit: did some testing and can confirm that you can just distract that girl without killing her to get this challenge done

Well I hit the lady with a Sieker, and for the entire 2.5 minutes she was off to vomit, the dude didn’t jump and I didn’t get the challenge.

EDIT: Hmm, but when I hit both her AND the guard, and ran away rather than standing behind him, it worked!

I’m glad it worked :slight_smile: That’s exactly how I felt about this challenge (and I wrote that you prolly don’t have to kill her, English is not my main language so maybe “to silence sb” wasn’t perfect choice :wink: ). I did not listen too carefully, but I think she was telling him either to jump already (distracting him from actually doing so) or not to jump at all. Like I wrote, I am not so good at English and you have to stand close to be able to listen while my disguise wasn’t too perfect for that.

I think this is much of a true.
Someone on here told that she dissuades him to jump because there are sharks there and he could die by being eaten by them

you’ve missed nothing. he has a Miami Escalation named after him, because Developers and ‘Influencers’/YouTubers like to you know exactly what i mean.

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