Haven Island - The Pleasure

I rarely try to get all achievements in a game but find a need to do it on Hitman games.

On haven island I spent ALOT of time searching for the 18 gold skulls to complete the pleasure achievement. I found 17 but couldn’t find the 18th, unfortunately I had to turn to YouTube to find it. I then found that the one I was missing did not show up when I play it. It is the one on the island in the distance, between two sun loungers near the tail of a plane. I restarted my game multiple times and even uninstalled and reinstalled the map. What can I do?!

Might be related to the Level-of-detail graphic setting. Or was it render distance? Try if an higher setting fixes it.

Thanks, I’ll give it a go but as it’s an Xbox one X I’m not sure I have that much control. I can see everything where it is meant to be very clearly.