Having to look for clues to win Another Life ruins its replay value


Doing it the first time I get it, you are gathering evidence for the storyline and such. But I don’t replay Hitman levels for that kind of stuff, I only do it for the assasinations. I loved that in Isle of Sgail I didn’t have to kidnap the Constant everytime. ioi please consider making it optional to find clues on replay, please?


I agree. I am going to make a contract with just the two targets and play that instead of the story mission.

I did the same thing with Sapienza to avoid having to deal with the plague sample on every playthrough.

Optional objectives do tend to suck.


Just go explore and do the clues later. Or just play contracts mode on this map.


Or they could’ve made a version where you choose to activate clues or not? Seems simple enough, definitely kills the replayability aspect of it.


I actually really enjoy them trying new things. I think they just assume people will play a contract of the map if they don’t want to do the ‘non-assassination’ parts of the mission. Which I would probably assume too if I had a neat idea for a mission.


Yeah I can see your point, at least for three clues each has more than one way to obtain.


You can check out this thread for some inspiration on how to solve the Clue objective in ways you may not have tried yet:


I like the clue finding. I havent found it tedious yet and I’ve played the mission a few times already.

I don’t know, the clues are varied enough to make it so you’re not just doing the same thing everytime, and honestly, in the course of going about assassinating the targets, ive found that you usually come across them (or at least most of them) quite naturally.


This should be done to all of the levels. An option to toggle On/Off Story based objectives.

Sapienza: Destroying the virus
Colorado: Accessing the room at the end
Vermont: Finding the Clues
Isle of Sgail: Dealing with the Constant

and any others I missed


You don’t have to deal with the Constant at all. I think?


Not directly, but then you also can’t kill him and you have the objective always on.


The clues wouldn’t be a problem if the level would be smaller and we have more mission per game. Personally I don’t fancy this massive sandbox format, because in the end, you get to repeat the same 6 locations, kill the same 12 targets, listen to the same dialogues over and over again (Rocco!). I would rather have 12 levels, with half the size. In the end killing a target in 20 possible ways doesn’t really matter.


I hate thats random generated clues on this level(


didn’t i already tell you they’re not RNG


It’s probably no surprise, but I wasn’t bothered by the clues. There are multiple locations for each clue and almost all of them are rather easy to get. Some of them are even in the same area as your target. It’s nothing like Sapienza where you’re required to enter a whole new large area . The one that requires the most effort is the voice recording, but you can ignore that one because of the above mentioned multiple locations for each clue.


Except it does matter because freedom of approach is the entire point of the game. Twelve smaller levels means even less to discover, less infiltration routes even less ways to kill and even more repetition of dialogue. Smaller levels don’t always work Absolution proved that, levels like Death on the Mississippi and A New Life proved that


Yeah it doesn’t really bother me since they’re so easy to get. There are two clues in Janus’ house (The photo and the microfilm) and you’re probably going to go in there during most runs. After that you can just get another quick one like the lawsuit documents in Batty’s shed.

I found the virus in Sapienza a lot more annoying.


Haha. Nice one.

20 disagreeing characters.


Well the design aesthetic and lighting is fantastic but the actual gameplay is not good. Vinnie has an incredibly limited route, limited opportunities to be killed (heck his wife has more opportunities to be killed) and the microfilm is even more of a headache than the Arkian clues


I am hoping that one of the H2 elusive contracts for Whittleton Creek will be Vinnie Sinistra in his bright Hawaiian shirt.

Hopefull, they will also bring the clown back, since the disguise is already available as part of the Legacy pack.