Having to look for clues to win Another Life ruins its replay value


The 3 Easy ones to get are:

  1. The Surveillance Tape at Cassidy’s House (also since this is where you can disable Security Recorder) - Getting into Lewinsky Property Video Room is not hard.
  2. Janus’ Letter (if you wait long enough). This is also in Cassidy’s House
  3. The Lawsuit Papers in Batty’s Garden Shed (just beside Cassidy’s House)
  4. The photo in Janus’ House Basement

These are actually along the way for me when I did Silent Assassin, Suit Only, All-Electric Kills. :slight_smile:


Microfilm isn’t a headache at all. There are at least 5 ways of getting that I am aware of. Killing Vinnie is fine as well since he is so close to the entrance. His route allows for 3 relatively unique kills which is fine. Also, he’s armed so you can lure him away by tresspassing very easily.


Digging out cigarette box is also very easy. And it’s near Batty’s letter.
So you get two clues right there.


Knocking out Janus’ security guard by the stream is incredibly easy and gets you a clue. And it gets you a disguise immediately. All you have to do it wait for the garbage men to finish chatting and walk away.


Personally i find this a good idea.

Huge maps, multiple targets…adding seek of clues is logical followup.

Actually i’d like to see more alternative objectives in the future (not only clues but retrieving intel, stealing something, etc…)

It changes from constantly kill and go. Makes exploring appealing and changes the routine a bit :+1:


Finding intel becomes boring and repetitive because of static nature. Also they don’t involve multiple options like killing does.


A fine way of doing that would be something like a briefcase which is being moved by someone. Like in The Murder Of The Crows mission.


Stealing a briefcase from someone on the map (not the targets) is also a good idea :+1:

It could be a briefcase with intel inside (computer) or some device (bomb, virus, etc…)