<HCCE> Contract Creator Extended [Mod/Tool v1.5]

Yeah .

Do you run another program that could alter the running game like localghost or Cheat Engine?

Just the SDK but I disabled its own version of certpinbypass :thinking:

Can you see this when you check Fiddler’s logs while the game is running?


@PapaLevy I messaged you on discord about a couple of contract ideas I have, could you take a look and let me know if you can do it urben has the info… thanks man

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Is it possible to add a feature that generates a JSON file for a contract from a platform you don’t own (so you can recreate it for the platform you do own)? Would be a neat feauture if you could implement this Urben

Hi Urben,
Is HCCE supported on Ambrose Island?
I couldn’t get the tool working when I tried to create a contract for Ambrose Island.
Tool works for other maps like Dubai , Dartmoor etc.

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Hmmmm… Somthings wrong here?
Image result for spidrman two meme

My bad. Corrected my message.


Mystakes… I mean mistakes happen.

This is possible with the latest release, just use the Hitmaps tokens to request a contract. Note that the bot needs to be authenticated and you might have to wait for that.

Usually /botstatus on F7SC discord tells you which platforms are available currently.

Yes, I did not update the data though so target images don’t show up in the creator and you can also not enforce exits yet. I hopefully find time somewhat soon to update it.


Thanks for the reply, can’t wait to try that out tomorrow.
Will donate a ticket too.

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Thanks Urben.
Glad to hear that. Please do take time to update HCCE.

How do I create contracts with more then 5 targets and/or more specific requirements via Xbox One?

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