HD enhanced collection serious issues

I didn’t expect much improvements in this HD remaster for PS4 or changes, but I definitely didn’t expect to have more bugs. Some of the NPCs are now levitating in the air after respawn, this really shouldn’t pass through QA. There can be many of these NPCs floating at the same time! I hope that they’ll fix it, this game is overpriced now and even broken. Really disappointed with that.

I bought the HD enhanced watchu-call it the day it came out (regrettably) and I haven’t run into any of these issues, even still it doesn’t seem game breaking.

soz I know that isn’t too helpful lol

Yes, it isn’t game breaking but it ruins the experience and they shouldn’t release game with that visible ugly bug which wasn’t present in the previous versions of the game, it’s remaster so it should be the best version of all, but it definitely isn’t.