[HD Trilogy] Missing Sniper Challenge code, how to proceed?


Some time ago I bought Hitman HD Trilogy for PS3. A new copy, not a used one. I just realized that it’s missing its code for Hitman: Sniper Challenge.

I’d like to know how to regenerate it. Consider that I have the serial code of the game, which I guess can be used to verify I never used the actual PSN code associated with it - since I never received it. Hopefully through that serial it’s possible to go up to its PSN’s Hitman: Sniper Challenge code.



Isn’t it an offline game?

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Yeah the game still works, it does on xbox anyway, it’s backwards compatible, i’m not sure if it works on ps3 or Xbox 360 or even if you can get codes for it, think it might’ve been a game with gold, the leaderboards are closed though. God knows why they didn’t add it to Absolution for PS4

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Definitely works though

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As much as you know, should I try to contact I/O through their email address, or wait for the official support to notice this thread? :\



I hate to be that debbie downer type of guy, but you’re probably s#it out of luck.

Tell me first what version of the HD Trilogy did you purchase.

Artbook Case or normal case.
Where did you purchase it at?



I was sure I bought it on Amazon, but I just looked for the order’s receipt and turns out it’s not there. So I guess I bought it in one of the local shops.

Concerning the edition, it’s the normal physical one. It’s the italian version, but still, on the back of the case, there’s written “Includes Hitman: Sniper Challenge”. Inside the case there’s the sheet with the product registration code and the instructions booklet; as much as I know there should be a third sheet with the PSN code for Sniper Challenge, but it’s not there.



Unfortunately I don’t think retailers or anyone from Square will give you a Sniper Challenge code. The easiest way to get SC is on the Steam version of Absolution. SC codes are hard to find especially if they are valid.



The distribution for SC is from what I’m guessing gone. It was for HD Trilogy and Absolution, but since those are well aged now I can say that the only way to get SC is for the Steam version of Absolution since it is bundled in with it.



Nope. As I said, I have the serial code inside to prove this is a first hand copy, if necessary.
I forgot where I bought it because I bought it a couple of years ago. I was sure it came from Amazon, but at this point there even is the possibility I bought it in a fair. Frankly, I really can’t remember.
I knew it should have included SC, but I thought I had to unlock it somehow with one of the three games inside. Then I googled and found out there had to be a code which I never received.



I mean the serial one of the Trilogy, not the PSN code of SC. I have the first one, I miss the latter. I’m sure that the distributor can easily check through its database that the PSN code related to that serial hasn’t been unlocked.



You mean the PSN’s support?



@shadowtempest To save you the trouble, I dug up an old code that I’ll PM to you. Tried to redeem it myself and it seems to still be active. Good luck!

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Yeah, I would love to play Sniper Challenge as well. I got the HD trilogy digital on PSN though so I don’t think there’s an unlock for it. Also only got the standard version of Absolution. Would have been cool if they gave out the codes but also gave the option for people to purchase it separately on digital stores.



Soooo… Just bought absolution (great game btw) and now I am discovering of a Sniper Challenge. Bought it for Xbox one backwards compatibility and I never got any kind of code so I am at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreaciated on this old thread =)