HDR still not working properly

No matter what I do, not matter which drivers I use the ONLY way to get HDR to work in this is to disconnect and reconnect my monitor cable. If I launch the game without HDR enabled and put it in exclusive fullscreen I still have to unplug and re-plug my monitor to get an image. Might add that no other games behave this way. HDR-capable or not.

Geforce drivers 417.35
Win 10 1809 (same thing happened in build 1803)
HDR disabled or enabled in Win doesn’t matter

i also going to state the same except the cable part. did not do that and not going to do that either. its a stupid solution. i have gold edition and it fucking not working at all. stupid ass game cannot detect HDR in PC. i have a EVGA RTX 2070 , Predator XB3 with HDR enabled and connected via DP cable to the VGA card. 32GM of RAM and I5 9400 cpu and windows + VGA driver updated to latest version. . this is more than enough for any HDR content. within windows i have enabled HDR. the last HDR game that i have played is gears 5 and it worked perfectly. i want a proper solution for this or i will return the game. if you don’t know how to detect HDR then remove that option and admit Hitman 2 dose not support HDR.

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