Hector Delgado

Off the wagon challenge is the most depressing feats/ challenge I ever did

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It looks like we’ll be getting more from that

Damn it all, I want a Turms Festival. For me everyday should end in a Turms Festival.:joy:



Jeez Urben has a complexity addiction that gives 47 a run for his money.:joy:

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If it makes you feel any better, a news report mentioned that Hector took over the cartel. So canonically he survived the mission. That said, his’s brother and the women he loved were both killed at the same day and he was suddenly put in charge of the whole cartel right in the middle of a brutal war with a rivaling cartel. And he’s a drug addicted who probably had a relapse after everything that happened.

Sucks to be Hector Delgado.


Well at least he get to have rico wife xD

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Really? I didn’t know. I like to kill him and Catalina to prevent they take over the cartel

Yeah, a news report in Mumbai mentioned the deaths from Three-Headed Snake and stated that Hector was expected to take over.