Heeeere’s Johnny Challenge

Did the heeeeres Johnny challenge multiple times using multiple suggestions for it to work properly and it’s still not working.

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The challenge does not exist in Hitman 3.

It does exist in H3 but Assassination category, not Himmapan Horror category.

What suggestions did you use? Did you make sure you met all requirements?

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I started at the docks, snuck in to get the outfit, didn’t get spotted, choked out all 4 targets, drug them in front of the door, axed them all, opened door for guard to see while hiding against wall next to the door, closed the door back so I could escape without being spotted, and exited. Took out the cameras too and made sure the bodies weren’t stacked up on top of each other.

Does this strategy resemble yours?:

That’s the exact video I went off of with no success.

Try making bodies discovered one by one instead of all at once. Theoretically, this shouldn’t make any difference, but it may have some effect since the game is quite buggy.

You may also consider reporting it to the official support hub, as this could be a new bug.