Helen - Muffin Woman



Helen is clearly a murderess. There’s even a challenge completed if you incinerate her in her mortuary-style oven in the basement.

The thing is -can she help 47? She’s baking and baking, and searching for sedatives and possibly poisons in her Storeroom of Death - is there any way to make her deliver some tampered muffins to, at minimum, that realtor? I doubt she’d take out Janus, but can she be used at all, except as a way to get poisons in-level?

Fascinating NPC, either way, IO! She’s got lots of potential use or backstory, I’m sure, for expansion material.


I think back in HITMAN, there was some remarks about how Contract makers had to kind of force in the stories and that there weren’t any NPC’s that look like they could have bespoke contracts stories.

NPC’s like Helen West, Hector Delgado, and Blake appear to be responses to that kind of feedback.
If you write a nice briefing and all… It looks like a Contract at par with “Nightcall” almost.

As to using Helen against other NPC’s I am not sure. I raid her Murder Basement all the time though for Emetic and Lethal Pills so she is already helping me. :slight_smile:


Also, the weirdo on the second floor of the BBQ party house is named Jed West, so probably Helen’s son or husband. What a great family :slight_smile:


The Wilsons also fall under the “strange NPC’s” category. They remind me a bit of those spies pretending to be an American couple with the Stepford Wife, the stilted Husband who cannot continue a routine after forgetting to bring a propane tank… and the strange “hobby” involving microfilms…

If there was a way to plant Objective Items in Contracts Mode or to involve the use of the Microfilm from Janus’ house but with the ability to change descriptions or something I would have wanted to dabble in Contracts Mode for these NPC’s.

Also assuming you can tag the Microfilm as an objective and re-write its description would be cool also to be able to mark certain Interactive Spots and change their status between Suspicious/Non-Suspicious.

For example if the objective was to run a secret microfilm on the Wilson’s Microfilm Machine would be great to be able to make the “Pull Down Attic Ladder” as a Suspicious Act.


My personal little theory on Wilsons is, that they’re play on expectations - when you arrive, they’re the first you find suspicious and weird, but as you wonder around the town more, they’re actually the most normal ones there :smiley: Town, that is otherwise full of secret agents and murdering sweet psycho ladies. Mr. Willson just probably became suddenly rich through writing those cheesy novels, but is ashamed (or afraid bc he’s socially inept), to came out publicly as an author. So, with their newly found wealth, they decided to fulfil their (mostly wifes’) dream of sweet little life between picket fences, without revealing that Wilson is the famous author of those shmuck novels (that are kinda parody of 50 shades success story). And that’s all there is to them, but you’re expected to think otherwise. Guests chatter on the party + your knowledge of A New Life just scream at you: “they have to be spies!”, but actually everyone else is, but them :smiley:


Perhaps you are right! I just saw them as a parody of the overly-friendly American couple. Possibly Southern US - I can’t place the wife’s accent, and I don’t know what Americans on here make of them; we Brits would cringe at such a trusting, friendly BBQ! :wink:

Spies of some sort would make sense. Either that or have them as the one oblivious, good-willed family in the Creek! That would be hilarious!

I hope we get more missions in the suburbs.



Is there a way to make her and Janus meet? I heard somewhere that there is dialogue revealing she killed the guy in the abondonend house but can’t find it. I heard that if you treat janus as the nurse he will go there, but I tried it and nothing happened


i dont think there is a way


When I tried to complete the Challenge where you have to make Janus happy he went there. I think it happened after I turned on the old gramophone. I was really surprised to see him suddenly leaving his house and going over to Helen’s. House. It was a really sweet moment. Janus even offered her to teach her how to better murder people.


You first have to take out Janus’ bodyguard and then he will meet her.


I didn’t took him out and Janus still met with Helen.


Follow Janis for a bit until you see him walk into kitchen. He asks Gunther about muffins and why they have none to eat so he leaves to visit Helen’s house.
He ends up speaking with her upstairs privately where she reveals secret recipe I think.
I wasn’t able to eavesdrop on convo properly as Gunther spotted me,while he stood guard outside the room the two were chatting in.
I think it’s proximity triggered if you have muffin in your inventory and stand around kitchen. I didn’t place it to see what would happen and sure enough he told Gunther to follow him over to Helen’s place.


Forget her muffin. I think her teeth are the scariest thing about her.


I believe she’s got something to do with that “Priceless” challenge, or at least an Easter egg.


I wonder if he’ll follow 47 as Gunther? Incinerating Janus in her basement furnace will probably complete a challenge.


I don’t think so, Janus is an enforcer if you disguise yourself as Gunther


I agree that there should be some use with that character, it wouldn’t hurt. I mean there are quite a few characters that could be useful including Master of Ceremonies.
But in case you’re interested though, i created a contract that centres around Helen West and her baking company.
Here’s the link: HITMAN2: Featured Contracts Submission Thread