Hello everyone


Hey everyone, just made an account and thought i’d introduce myself.

I was an old member on the previous HMF (based on IPB), and used to post on the old Invisionfree IO forum (not sure what name I used). Way back in 2013 I was lucky enough to be picked to playtest a pre-alpha build of HITMAN (first public playtest), I remember wanting to tell all of you about it but had signed an NDA. :smile:

Anyways, I’m excited about the franchise again now that they’ve returned to their roots of open sandbox missions. Looking forward to discussing Hitman with you all!


Welcome to the forum. Hitman 2 is still getting lots of discussion, and I think we are all eager to see the first expansion pack revealed so there are lots of discussions to get yourself thrown into.


“Welcome back, sir. It’s been a long time.”



Was it the size of a phone book? :dizzy_face: :hammer: