Hello there! New player here. I wanted to share an open letter to the developers with some feedback for the game. If it's ok


My name is Facundo Nahuel, I’m from Argentina.

I’ve recently decided to purchase Hitman 2016 (that’s how I call it for comparation purposes) and so far I’m having a blast with the entire game!!!

I decided to subcribe to these forums mainly because I learned that the actual developers lurk around these parts to collect feedback, I had to give it a go hehe.

First I wanted to say thank you for creating such a vast and exciting experience for us hitman fans, the gameplay/graphics and story (so far) are to be praised.

However, there where a couple of gameplay mechanics from previous hitman games that I would LOVE to see implemented here (particulary from both Hitman Blood Money and Absolution)

Before I begin I want to point out that I understand that feedback can sometimes be subjective. Hopefully other members of the forum will read and agree, others might not.

Let’s see:

Blood Money and Absolution mechanics that could/should make a proper return

1) The original surrender system: When surrendering in Absolution, agent 47 would wait for the enemy to close in to later take out his gun with an extremely satisfying animation, using said enemy as a human shield afterwards. It was simple yet effective, and wasn’t remotely overpowered. I would greatly prefer it over the current one in which you need to perform close quarter combat. I’m not saying the combat is bad, It’s just that the original system was just more original/looked alot more cooler for the game!

2) The (now absent) ready-up animation for 47: In previous games, pressing right click would cause 47 to raise his hands with the fiber wire, or just his bare hands in Absolution. Pressing right click would also make 47 attack nearby NPCs (fist-fight in Blood Money, CQC in Absolution). What can I say, It was a great things to do in the game!!! It was an extra game feature that was satisfying to no end. As of now, in Hitman 2016, pressing right click will lead to no actions/animations whatsoever. (Pressing Q however allows you to enter in CQC mode with nearby NPCs).

3) Steady Aim: EDIT: Turns out that this feature is already in-game as a perk for certain weapons. I actually didn’t knew that, sounds amazing!!!

Other miscellaneous things that could be improved in HITMAN (Hitman 2016)

1) The walking animation when going up and down stairs!!! I understand it was probably made like that in order for 47 to move faster, but it looks too silly when slowly walking normally!!. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, 47 skips steps when walking up and down stairs, where as in games like Blood Money, he walks normally.

2) A distance slider for the camera? This is probably just a personal taste, But I feel the camera is too far away from agent 47, a way to close in the camera in the options menu would be a welcome addition.

Aaaaand that’s all I ever wanted to say about HITMAN 2016. Thank so much for reading till the end. Even if I don’t get a response from this (not exactly expecting one), having the developers reading through it will mean the world to me.

Best regards!


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I hate to be that guy… but…
As many of us would love to see many of these features and even more implemented, similar threads have already been created.

We hope you’ll have a great time discussing and sharing your ideas here :slight_smile:


Hi there!

Thanks! I’ll discuss further ideas there. I’m sorry that I couldn’t find it beforehand :sweat_smile:


Welcome. And yes, agreed with your suggestions. I too think the fibre wire would be improved in terms of feel if we went back to a “hold button to ready, release to trigger” model.

For one pulling out the wire is currently not suspicious, so would be interesting if it becomes suspicious when the wire is held taut.


There is a steady aim in Hitman 2016. But only on certain weapons. The feature is more like an upgrade on unlocked weapons. For example, the ICA Silverballer has it, while ICA19(default black silverballer) dont. And there are sniper rifle which also slows down time like the sieger 300.


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“I am leaving” is the only sensible thing you’ve said on this forum.


I think what you’re talking about already exists.

because he asked for one Absolution-only feature (that we already have) and the rest from Blood Money?

Give me a fucking break.


Other topics exist for you to post this, as pointed out above.