Helmut Appreciation Thread

I’ve never encountered a bowl of soup that I wasn’t suspicious of.

This is what a lifetime of playing Hitman games will do to you.

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I love the guy who does notice 47 is not Asian, and is surprised, but then decides just to go with it anyway because apparently it would be rude to question his credentials.

The Police Chief of Hong Kong notice that he isnt Asian.

Hm looks like i need to pay more attention, well one can always replay it.

I see this as a characterization through gameplay element: Dahlia is she doesn’t keep track of faces. If you try to disguise yourself as Viktor’s bodyguard he’ll able to see through your disguise, but Dahlia won’t notice if you’re dressed a the sheikh, as a bodyguard or as Helmut because she doesn’t care.

They’re not people, they’re a means to an end.


Haha, this thread got a shoutout from the twitter page :stuck_out_tongue:


I have to kill/subdue him still anyway to get the poison from Dhalia for the challenges so I shall do some stalking and listening. :laughing:

It’s nice to see official HITMAN twitter mentioning non-oficial hitmanforum in their tweet :wink:
@ampburner you should be proud :smiley:

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Best character disguise in the Paris level :heart:

Isn’t that 47 on the picture?

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Helmut, 47…whatever!! Making him part of the fashion show stills an awesome idea :wink:

This is a good thread.


Japan spoiler below:

There is a guy having facial surgery to look like Helmut in Japan.


“Man, I wish I had that jaw!”


I smell an opportunity…


Helmut is Giantbomb’s Best New Character of 2016!


Guys…sorry for bumping the topic, but it’s totally worth it :smile:


Well I too think it would be cool for Helmut to come back.

This is Bonus Level for Hokkaido I wrote in another thread where Helmut features heavily:

It’s not that hard to work him into the lore actually.

Oh my God that is brilliant - I want THAT game!:rofl:

You should never be sorry for bringing the forums most glorious thread back. Because Helmut is so sexy, so wild. Sadly we have to remember that the life of Helmut havn’t been easy.

After he was institutionalised in a Asylum in Romania, he been there since some unknown date in the 90’s. Here he escapes reality, much like the girls in Suckerpunch. Helmut believes he a genetically engineered Human clone and that he is created as a tool by the overhead of the Asylum. He never escaped the Asylum, all that is in his head. In his mind he is Agent 47, but ever so often he seems a shadow of his past life. Like in the mission Showstopper, seeing his glory days as a model, but he does not remember it being himself. That also explains why 47 and Helmut looks identical.

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