[HELP] Challenges: Pipe Dreams & Prank Call

Hello Agents :grinning:,

have a question about the challenge in Marrakesh.

1. The challenge is: Pipe Dreams: Eliminate a target by poisoning the water pipe.
(See also inserted picture)

Somehow I do not get the award if I poisoned the photographer or another person.**
How did you complete the challenge?

2. **To another question: At the challenge: Prank Call.

Which persons should be eliminated?



Ask for help, would be very nice.

Greetings to you :male_detective:.

For pipe dreams you don’t have to poison clause or Reza so do a contract and if you poison the cameraman and he’s a non target you won’t get it. Prank call also do a contract.

Just search by their names and you should find some easy ones to do.

Hope this helps.

Just try these on A house build on sand. You can poison Tuo Kwang’s pipe as the waiter. Prank call as a technician on Mendola. There is a small place in one of the allies with locked doors. In there is what you need for the prank call challenge.

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Just about to say A House Built on Sand is the way to go

Didn’t think that work but do that cause it’s easier