Help error on the cheveyo calibration

Hi all I am currently playing Hitman 2 in Marrakesh The Cheveyo Calibration… I’m having an issue I’ve completed the first two escalations but the third one is giving me hell. I’ve completed it three times now and every time it’s telling me I was disconnected and my connection is fine and when I press retry its says ERROR unable to load the requested menu. please retry the request, or contact HITMAN 2 support if this problem persists?

has anyone else had this issue?

First of all you should check the bug report thread to see if anyone has reported the issue.

If not then post your error along with Your Platform and Exact Error message

One thing I could recommend is checking that your game version is up to date

This is happening to me now =( I just want my ghost lol I’ve done it so many times now I can ace it in 3mins with my eyes closed Haha fml

I found this “Developers know about it and working on a solution.
Expect to have it after update on 28th of May if everything goes well.
If not, probably in the end of June”

It’s bugged and a fix is in the work for the game update/patch.