Help finding NPC

Hello, everyone!

If anyone one would like to help me track down a single NPC, that would be great. Their name is Skip Doi and they are apparently on Chongqing according to my list of every NPC in the game (pictured below). I have personally killed the whole map and marked every NPC on Chongqing to find them, with no luck. I’ve also checked every kill everyone contract made on Chongqing, none of them include this mystery NPC. Furthermore, on other lists people have gathered showing the pictures of every NPC on the map, they have yet to be mentioned.

Here are the details about them.

My list contains details about their disguises and models, so according to it, they are a street guard with a walkie-talkie. Perhaps I will use the id provided in the list with HCCE to make a contract with them as a target, but we will see. If anyone finds him, let me know, thanks!

I just made a contract with him as the target using HCCE:

Here’s the ID if anyone wants to play it and try some triggers to get him found - 1-30-1909266-06 (PC Epic)

There’s a guard who isn’t enabled under any circumstance, I enabled him in a Freelancer Variant of Chongqing, it’s probably him

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Is he like the Hokkaido NPC that’s not enabled (placeholder for Soders heart kill)?

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Nope, because that’s an enabled NPC

Inaccessible but enabled, right? This guy on Chongqing doesn’t even load up?

He isn’t on the map or instinct.

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Yep, that’s him

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