Help Fixing an Image

Hello fellow forum users,

I’m looking for help to possibly fix an image I’m currently using as a wallpaper. My issue with the image is that the ‘ICA’ text doesn’t appear to be centred underneath the ICA logo.

That, and any way to improve resolution or create a 4K version would be superb. Unfortunately, my literacy when it comes to image manipulation leaves a lot to be desired, so any help from the community would be great.

I’ll upload the image in question, and thank you very much in advance for any assistance, advice or help.

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Done some tinkering in Photoshop…


Thank you! Though I think the text is now too far out at the other side :joy:

I had a feeling from initially making it symmetrical it’d looked weird from the differentiating font angles. I put it just slightly to make it seem close enough from my perspective.

Regardless I’ve done up a new one with the actual symmetricly.


That’s perfect. Thank you very much, my friend. I’ll definitely owe you one lol.