Help Needed! Hitman 2 regularly crashing with exception breakpoint error!

I have had this game for a while now and loved playing it. Unfortunately, it has recently started to freeze and collapse a lot. It runs smoothly at first but after 10 minutes or so, it starts to freeze a lot and then inevitably crashes. The error message I’m getting is as follows,

"The exception Breakppont.
A breakpoint has been reached.
(0x80000003) occurred in the application at location
*0x00000001410D0550. *
Click on Ok to terminate the program"
I’m not computer savvy at all, so I have no idea what this means. I tried looking up for solutions online but no luck. What I’ve done is update system and graphic cards, optimize game settings, and even troubleshoot. However, there’s been no luck. My laptop’s specs are:
NVIDIA GTX 1050 Version: 431.60
Direct X 12
Asus FX503VD.
As I’m at my wit’s end, the game was very expensive for my limited budget, any help regarding this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration.

I don’t play on PC, but you can probably find some info and helps on this thread. Just scroll down to see if someone has similar issues like yours. :slight_smile:

I did look at a lot of threads. Most folks had their problem solved when using Direct X 12 and some of them are really old threads. I tried all of the above and more, still no luck :frowning: