Help needed

Good day I’ve bin having issues with my hitman 2 game for some reason, I can’t access none of the missions for hitman 2 ,only the previous hitman. Please help!!

A little more details? What platform? What does it say? Have you tried reinstalling?

Yes I’ve tried reinstalling it, it says downloadable content not installed so I check my playstation store and they say that it’s all ready installed

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I had similar issues on Xbox. However I myself concluded it was due to the fact that the first install I ever did for this Hitman series was The Complete First Season offered in Game Pass. Game pass basically gives you the license (authority to play) for as long as the exact product installed is available in the game pass store, which is barely mentioned/known btw.
So when I installed Hitman The Complete First Season from game pass late 2018, I played it (and 100%'d it’s content) in the first month I had it. However Xbox didn’t say what games would/when removed from Game Pass back then (still I think). When a game is taken off the game pass list, the license is suspended basically. The player can usually still start up the game to the main menu after even logging in, but the missions and other content are just unavailable. They will be available again only after the exact title installed is back on game pass or purchased.

In my case, I installed the 1st season via game pass and in the same month it was on game pass I installed legacy for free because I had the requirements to do so (must have all episodes of s1 installed was all that was required I think). Though the xbox store itself is very messy I think, in short it can be difficult distinguishing one content purchase from another bc of how lazy it’s advertised (often the cover of the product is 99% identical to at least one other product which is also badly detailed and titled. So after installing legacy for free, I also did the promo for Hitman 2 hawks Bay. Then the next month Hitman The Complete First Season was taken off of Game pass (making my game function as you explained your own), and actually corrupted my progress in S1 (2016 copy) so that I literally couldn’t play more than Training and Sapienza ONLY until I purchased Hitman 2 later. Customer support was baffled by this. As far as I know my 2016 Xbox copy is still corrupt in this way. At least I unlocked every item and completed the game… only to have to do Season 1 all over again with Hitman 2 (hitman 2 was advertised suggesting that player progression from 2016 Season 1 would CARRY OVER to the new 2018 game which includes s1 and s2. So I’m still a bit upset with the fact I did all that for nothing essentially).

Hi Gtra. Could you try pressing the down button of your d-pad to view your add-ons of the game while you’re in the menu of your console? By doing so, you can check what’s installed. It should look like this:

so i have all the hitman 2016 levels on hitman 2 in xbox one and i have the same account on pc but no levels/missions/contracts

Which levels are you missing?
Are you saying that you have Hitman 2016 on PC and Hitman 2 on XBOX?

If you have Hitman 2016 on PC then you can’t get the Legacy locations for free. Hitman 2016 needs to be on the same platform as the Hitman 2 game.

all of the hitman 2016 missions

You’re not really helping much with the little explaining you’re doing.

Are you having trouble accessing the Legacy locations in Hitman 2 on xbox?

I guess yeah I can’t get the missions.

Again, I can’t help you with the little explaining you’re doing.
I don’t know if you’re saying that you had access to the Legacy locations and now you don’t or if you’re asking how to get the Legacy locations.

If you never had the Legacy locations in Hirman 2 then you have two options;
You need to own Hitman 2016 on the same platform as the one you own Hitman 2 to redeem the Legacy pack for free.
If you don’t have Hitman 2016 then you need to purchase the GOTY Legacy Pack.

Hi, i have been trying to buy the hitman 2 legacy pack but when i does it says (You can’t download this content because you dont own HITMANtm2) i am on ps4 and even when the game is in the ps4 it still says that. Does i need to download it online to be abel get the legacy pack? or is it just a bug on the ps4 store because i REALLY want the legacy pack

The only way GOTY Legacy Pack you wouldn’t be able to purchase the GOTY Legacy Pack is if you only own the free version of Hitman 2, the Hitman 2 Free Starter Pack.
You can’t purchase GOTY Legacy Pack if you don’t own a purchased version of Hitman 2.

The Hitman 2 Free Starter Pack version only grants the Legacy Pack to owners of The Complete First Season or GOTY Edition for Hitman 2016. So if you own Hitman 2016 then you can redeem Legacy for free

I have the full hitman 2 but i still can’t. BUT i also have the free starter pack do i need to delete that?

Then you should be able to purchase GOTY Legacy Pack.

Make sure you’re on the same account as the one you own a purchased version of Hitman 2. If you have Hitman 2 on a disc then uninstall the Free Starter Pack because it could interfere with the PS4 thinking you don’t own Hitman 2.

Did you try to purchase GOTY Legacy Pack or was it another Legacy Pack dlc you tried to purchase.

It was the GOTY onei tried to purchase


  1. Uninstall the free version.
  2. Make sure you have the disc inserted if you have Hitman 2 on a disc.
    2.1. If you have Hitman 2 on digital then make sure you’re logged into the account you own Hitman 2 in
  3. Try purchasing the GOTY Legacy Pack.

Did it work?

No, I have been trying to reinstall hitman 2 and delete the starter pack but it still dont work

Could you send a screenshot of when you’re trying to purchase GOTY Legacy Pack?

Its on Danish so i dont think it would help