Help please! Hitman Sniper Multiplayer

Hello everyone, I need to do 1 multiplayer match on Hitman 2 on the Singapore and Siberia maps. It’s to win my last 2 trophies (which are finishing 1 game on each map mentioned above). Anything you need to help you with the rest of the game I will do without problem


I’ll help you. Write me in DM.


Is there a DM here? I can’t believe I got the majority of trophies watching your videos and now you’re going to help me, you’re a genius!!!

If there is a DM write me so I get the notification and I can answer you. Sorry for not knowing how to use the forum.

You know what? Nvm just let me know where you play HItman 2. On playstation or PC? (I don’t have any xbox)

Leave here your ID’s, i’ll add you.

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I play on PlayStation.