Help!The game gets stuck and exits straight to desktop many times!

I have played the game for a month and everything was fine. But when I started to play Miami, the game starts to get stuck for a few seconds and just exits to the desktop automatically without any explanation of any error. It happens ten or twenty minutes after I launce the game. I have used the directX12 but nothing improves. Can somebody help?? I really like playing this game and it is annoying being not able to play it. :sob::sob:

Check out this thread, it might help you:

Verify first if this is indeed the error you have.

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I don’t know if it helps somehow, but I would suggest to install Microsoft Visual C++ packages.
Either way it won’t make any worse.

For instance, all these things can be grabbed here:

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I have installed hitman vulkan enabler but then I launced the game, :cry:Steam tells me I am playing it but nothing happens…

I don’t use the Vulkan renderer, I think you get help for that if you post in the thread I linked. Then people who follow that thread and have some knowledge can react on it. :slight_smile: