Help! Trouble installing Hitman Codename 47

I have Hitman Codename 47 and I’ve installed it, but I can’t play the game. I don’t know what my problem is. First time I installed it, I couldn’t play because of the windows 10 hidden administrator bulls**t. I fixed that and I tried reinstalling itand nothing. Every time I try to play I click play and it looks as if it’s starting and then the install menu goes back to normal. I’ve tried running it on compatibility mode and nothing. I’ve tried Win 98/ ME/ XP and no results. I don’t what what the problem is and it’s a bit upsetting. If anyone can help even if I can’t get it to work, I would truly appreciate it.

Is it on steam?
You need to switch to Dx11 mode in order to run this game. Windows 10 runs on dx 12 by default.
Google how to do that. I have very less experience with windows 10 so far.

Thanks for trying to help, but I no longer have problem thankfully. I couldn’t play the game off installing it off a disc so I decided to try to play on Steam, on Windows 10, and I have no problems. I can put the game into a resolution I like and it works well. Thank god. Thanks again.

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It’s just not fair!!! I don’t and never will have PC(!!!) stop remind me those games exists :wink:

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They exist!!! And you’re gonna have to play them!!!


You sit down and play the original!!!

Hi, yes I am also having problems with running Hitman Codename 47, I have Win 7 it gives the error: “Unable to run command” “Runtime error abnormal program termination”…I also tried in VirtualBox Win 98, Vista and XP, nothing, I also obviously tried to change the compatibility and nothing…It’s the Sold-Out UK version and also tried the first one by eidos and same thing…Since it doesn’t seem to be a problem by Windows (since I’ve tried many OP) it came to my mind it could by the graphic card, and yes, the updates are the latest, my graphic is: Intel 829456 Express Chipset Family in a Win 7 16-Bit…Can anyone give me an help on this? Thank You