Help with hitman

So I’ve downloaded the hitman 2016 trial and I notice in the menu of the game it said “ redeem legacy pack for free” and it gave me the option to downloaded hitman 1 within hitman 2 for free I wanted to know if this is a glitch ? I’m I doing something wrong? Will I get banned by psn if I do this ? Or are they giving it away for free it’s a trial for the weekend keep in mind. Please help.

If you owned Hitman 2016 than you get the Legacy pack for free because who wants to buy the same game twice?

But I don’t own it, it’s a trial of the full game but it allows me to get the legecy pack for full.

Yes I got the same thing :man_shrugging: who knows?

You will not get banned for redeeming Legacy Pack through downloading Hitman 2016 on this free weekend trial.
Just like how players didn’t get banned when they redeemed Legacy Pack when Hitman 2016 Complete First Season was on PS Plus.

This is intended to work like that and it’s not a glitch.

I haven’t been banned from Xbox