Help with ica facility feat in legacy pack

So I got Hitman 2 and I’m replying the first game with the legacy pack. I have everything almost done with the ICA facility except one feat. “Mission Stories - ICA Facility” the description is “complete all 3 mission story challenges in the ICA facility” and the reward is the lockpick.

Problem is that I have all the story challenges finished and checked off but it’s stuck at 2/3. I came back to this because I really need the lockpick for something in sappienza but I can’t figure out why it won’t unlock.

Did anyone else have this problem or know a solution? Thanks in advance for any advice.

Check the Feat tab, do you have any Feats related to the 3 specific mission stories left uncompleted?
If so then, redo that mission story step by step as the guide tells you to.

If you have all 3 Feats related to the 3 sprcific mission stories completed then take a screenshot of the Feats tab and post in the bug report thread. Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread

That’s the problem. The feat won’t unlock even though all the missions are done. Thanks for the advice though. I’ll put my pics in the thread you linked.