Hey sunshines! Any old members left?


Been years since I last posted here, before the redesign probably. Anyone from the old guys left, circa 2007-2010?


You must be like someone from the past brought to the future.
Did you take a look at some posts? I’m curious to know a few opinions of yours.
How do you feel they removed the iconic Silverballer and the Hitman Symbol?

I’m here since 2015 active that I post. But been looking around here (only at photos) since 2004.
My english wasn’t good back then so I only watched the photos and read a couple of times the Hitman Story post.


Well, the current forum look doesn’t exactly click for me yet, so I did not browse too much yet. So everything posted before 2014 is gone, right?

As for the current hitman games, I’m not too hyped about them. Absolution had the iconic stuff, but was a lot more linear and not as fun to play. Hitman 2016 is a step in the right direction, but with Jesper Kyd gone, it just does not feel right, like the magic is lost. I guess my main issue is that hitman 2016 is at best a blood money 1.5, which isn’t bad, but eh, been there and done that. Hitman 2 (awful title) looks like more of the same, so I feel a bit indifferent. Mind you, I only own the Paris level on steam, but after playing that for a few hours, I had enough and did not feel like buying the rest.

I don’t hate the new games or anything, but atm I don’t have the passion for them as I once did. I might try to get back into them again, but tbh, I’d rather replay contracts and blood money again.


Welcome back agent! :hugs: I’m know as the replicator here and other obsession such as the Blackballer. You’ll get to know me :wink:


Thanks! We’ll see if I stick around. :sweat_smile:

How active are the forums these days anyway?


“How do you feel about the MASSIVE DISFIGUREMENT they did to the blackballer??? Is it what kept you from participating here?”

:sweat_smile: Going right on him, aren’t you?

Hey Garrett, welcome back. Am a Newbie compared to you but alot of fun in the franchise is connected to be with the community.



Yeah, back in the blood money days, the community was a big part of the charm. It was kinda funny though, around the time blood money came out, you had basically the people who talked mostly only about hitman and the people who talked about anything but hitman. Good times, nevertheless.


A handful if not more. I can think of 5 but I’m sure there should be many more. I’ll let them find you so I don’t spoil you who are they.


Pretty much active. You see a shitstorm of posts around here when something is announced.
But besides that me personally like to hang out on personal stuff like the forum gallery, last purchase, what’s new.
There are plenty of new people and also some girls :hushed: but we don’t talk much with them because we are gamers (joking).


This is totally still a thing and I relate a lot.


Stay out of General News Thread 2.0, please.

Anyway, I joined in 2016 so I’m pretty much new, it must be quite fun before, I think.


Why should I stay away from the news thread?


That’s one word I think would describe fully.


The last days we discussed about the death penalty and abortion. All positions were represented. If you can imagine some opinions you really dont like, you will find them there.


Oh, now that sounds like fun. Back in the day we used to argue like there was no tomorrow. We’d have flame wars that would result in massive bans and suspensions.

Granted, it was mostly about video games and people being idiots, but politics is part of the course too.


Well now it’s 2018 and it’s all political! Even in here.

You can get easily banned when you start insulting people because you’re losing your temper.
I guess back then members would be impaled if they didn’t liked the Hitman logo. Now it’s a developers design choice and we shall respect it because the symbol never represented Agent 47 any way :joy: Can you believe this?


Lol, that’s cute. So what can get you banned here these days anyway?

Back in the day, you’d really need to step out of line to get banned. Or have too many suspensions. Calling someone an asshole wasn’t a problem.


This is still the case. Moderators do not perma-ban instantly. They give many warnings and opportinities. And make short suspentions before enforcing a full ban. So nothing changed there.

Granted some comments will make moderators not consider their actions too well if they’re too baity or triggering in nature. Everyone can be affected like this and feel inclined to bring down the hammer a lot harder… but this is very rare.


Hopefully they aren’t roleplaying as the PC police most of the time.


If something you say makes another person uncomfortable or offended you can almost always get a pass. If what you say directly or indirectly promotes violence, discrimination or a false sense of ethnical or religious superirity (the usual topics that would be controverted and considered hostile in almost any civilized society) you will then get yourself into problems. The last such case I remember was about a member here supporting freedom of speech for nazis and talking appeasement and reeducation as solutions to nazis rather than punching them on camera or online harassment and public exposure. The current owner of the site basically ended the discussion saying that accepting intolerance can not be tolerated and if your speech advocates for intolerance then it can not be here.