Hey sunshines! Any old members left?


Not trying to get into details here, but wasn’t the ban of the member (if we talk about the same one) because he was not discussing in civil?

I am a very liberal supporter of free speech and never got into problems with the moderators here.


No. He was being very polite in his tone. But he was banned for promoting nazi apologetic. I was accused of doing the same because I was liking his posts. Some of it should still be in the Lounge. Bottom line was that intolerance can not be tolerated because tolerating it is allowing promotion of radicalism.


Well then we talk about someone else. If you dont mind you could send me the link to the Lounge post per PM.


I’m sorry but I’m not really keen on doing that. The date was mid february so you should dig there.


The things Supernova said already, plus personal attack on other members, and trolling too much.


@MadMax and @Jarbinger are still here, as is @kent sometimes. @ampburner handed over control to Jarbinger so he’s the new owner.

I joined in 2012 so I missed you by a few years it seems.


Hi @Garrett, welcome back!

I think I remember you from the old forum, as the American Psycho avatar definitely rings a few bells. Did you use a similar one back then?

All old members were famously defeated in the Great Forum War a few years back. I’m the only one left.


There’s still some of us here. Members had to re-register after we switched over to the new Discourse software in mid-2014, and while plenty transitioned, not everyone remained active, and some occasionally pop in to say hello every now and then.

Apart from our admin @Jarbinger (You’d know him as Jardel/JaRDoS on the old forum) and moderators @Kent and myself, other members who were around that time who immediately come to mind (and have been fairly active) include @ampburner (he left as owner earlier this year), @Agent_17, @MadMax, @sgg847 (we finally banned him tough!), @JohnnyDrama and @Cerb. I’m sure there’s some I’ve left out.

We actually have a thread where we you can do some reminiscing about the old days.

Ampburner hosted an archive of the old site for over a year, but it has since been taken down. We only have whatever’s left on Internet Archive now.

This continued until the transition, and the Off-Topic section was usually more active in the long wait for Absolution. We had some regulars there like Monkeyman and Co, but he apparently didn’t decide to stay on the new forum (although he did appear to register an account).


Garrett, do you know “the move”?


Monkeyman and his Rikimaru avatar, I always wanted a similar avy for myself but he beat me to it :smile:

The forum is a lot more active nowadays, there were times during the infamous “fallow” period between BM and Absolution where you’d be lucky to have 3 or 4 new replies on the entire forum in a day. I also think the new forum is a bit friendlier now, not so much of the “clique” divide you had back then where it was basically the Off Topic OGs and the Hitman section newbs.


Don’t forget about this guy, he re-joined a while back but can’t remember his username. All I remember is that he looks like a hotter (no homo) Kurt Cobain. He may beat you in terms of seniority.

Edit: Just remembered, his name was ID in the old forum, but then changed his name.


That’s intolerant… LOL JK!!

Hey i’m an old hitman guy (in my 40’s now), though was never on the forums until around Absolution to complain, and then again for HITMAN, to see new episodes teasers and such. I think Ubi Kimi (one of the FragDolls)plays Hitman, if not i must be thinking of someone else…

I’m not one of the ones you’re looking for but it’s nice to meet new people!

Short on cash and don’t want to pre-order too soon, because i might end up buying the $99 version instead of Standard, then paying for more content later :confused:
Glad to have ya back!


I started lurking again after I picked up Hitman 2016 back in march (I was formerly ‘Guz’, joined in 2003).

I’m still pissed that I started the ‘custom missions’ that swept the forums with the release of contracts, which is obviously where the inspiration for ‘contracts mode’ came from, and never recieved any recognition!

I lurk to await that day :joy::joy:


Before I forget, @krelian recently showed up as well, if only briefly.


@Quinn Hey, I kinda sorta maybe remember you. Must have been around late 2011?

@Watson - hey man, been a while. You’re right, I had a lot of Bateman sets.

I talked to Jarbinger already, the new Amp basically. Is Cerb actually around? Haven’t seen him in what, 6 years at least?


@Puerco - the move is a lost and forgotten art form. :rofl:

As for Id, I do hope he’s not here, I was sick of him on Steam already, such a whiny attention whore.

@strife - hey man, still rocking that old avatar? Timeless!

Good to see some old guys still here!


Old members, old members… let me tell you about the members I remember being active when I first started, who are still active.

His screen name is @Kent


Heh, good old Kent. I think he was the one who banned me in 2009 or so. :joy:


Welcome back, staying is a must especially with the new franchise arrival in November!

I was around pre 2014 but cannot remember how long before. Would guess 2012 time. A few years before Absolution was released


If you did not frequent offtopic or the vydia sections, chances are we did not cross paths. But thanks!



Honstly though, I don’t remember what it might’ve been about. 9 years later I doubt it matters much.

Welcome back.