Hey sunshines! Any old members left?


Thanks. Yeah, good times either way!


It would be ironic if you ended up banning him again! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think he banned me only because I was posting after I got suspended. So yeah, kind of doubt Kent will have such an easy chance again. :smiley:


Ah yeah, love doing that in Silent Assassin. You need the spoon for that though.

Needless to say, been here since 2005.


Under what nickname?


Fleur de Lys and then later Fleur. Had around 4k posts on the old forums, mostly on Hitman related boards. I was most active around Blood Money era I think.


Oh yeah, I recall. You were one of the few oldies consistently active on the hitman sections.


Hey guys and @Garrett. Good to see an old user from the ancient HMF. I remember you by seeing your nickname next to your avatar of Christian Bale from American Psycho. I can’t recall having any actually conversations with you, but I’m sure we’ve crossed threads multiple times back in the day of pre- and post-Blood Money (2005-2007).

These days I don’t have the time for gaming and HMF as I used to. I’m 28 and got a family, full time at university etc. (and soon a full time job) and gaming has been limited a quite bit. However, I keep a strong attachment to Hitman and especially Hitmanforum. I was a lurker back in 2003ish around Contracts. I remember every single day eating my cereal (outmeat) in the morning while visiting Hitman.com and after that by searching google for “Hitman 3 news” and so on. I can’t remember the specific timeline for this, but I soon after found HMF and it quickly became my no. 1 source for news and fun. Later, I found the forum (because HMF was much more than a forum back in the day, it was a place to get actual news, see funny pictures, reading walkthrough etc.) and I was a committed lurker from around 2004 before finally joining the forum in March 2006 as “Agent Smith”, which was by far my favorite character in the game (only the Silent Assassin version though).

Then Blood Money came and I didn’t like the new and renewed design of Agent Smith at all. I specifically remember that I hated IO for turning his iconic looks by making him bald. But hey, most of us go there some day, but my childish mind couldn’t accept that change :wink: But naturally as I was growing apart from Agent Smith and I wished to distance myself from the 100 other users who also had an Agent Smith-ish username I had to find something else and that became ‘JohnnyDrama’. So from this:


To this:


Ah good times.

Anyway. Enough with the old stories. You guys know the deal with old people; if you get them started with the old stories from back in the day then they’ll never stop talking again!

Though I want add to the old days that there was indeed – as already mentioned above – a strong separation between users on the old forums. You had those people who only was active in the Hitman-related forums and then you had the off topic-users which never joined the Hitman discussions either. The off topic users generally was among the oldest forums members and had contributed with far more posts than any other. They also tended to be a bit arrogant and thought themselves better than the regular users whom only talked about Hitman (let’s just enjoy the irony of that being part of a hitman-forum).

I was active in both forums but I experienced some of the arrogance as well. More specifically I remember that the guy ‘TheKillerInstinct’ (which you might remember Garrett?) was hostile and called me a Hitman noob for asking a question in the off topic section. What he didn’t realize was that I had joined the forum before him and had more posts than him (which I assume both was a highly value in HMF). Oh, the irony.

But damn it’s always fun to hear from the old people of HMF. I miss those days around 2004-2006 because it was a different time. I was a teenager, the internet was different and you know; HMF was hell of a lot more different than today which is a product of our time. Back then it was more about having some cool avatar and nice signatures. Things are different today. I do still miss the old format and I have to admit that some part of the HMF charm was lost for me changing to the new forum because it was like ending and era for me. But is was a necessary change ofc.

Jesus. I can keep on going can’t I. Let me end this post by a fun fact. I have visited HMF almost everyday since 2003. I have experienced and survived the horrible period from 2003-2006 with almost none Hitman related news at all and heck of a lot Mini Ninjas bullshit (sorry IO, I still have traumas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). I was checking HMF daily for posts and believe it or not. There could be weeks with only 1-2 comments (and they usually came from the off topic-sections). I can’t believe how different that time was compared to today where I have almost none overview of all the posts whatsoever. So many users, so much content compared to then.

So I guess I’m a veteran who have survived a lot and still going strong to this day. And hopefully I’m not done with HMF just yet :wink:


It’s throwing me off seeing people I actually recognize hehe. I still lurk on occasion when nothing is breaking at work, but that’s about it. Haven’t played a Hitman game in ages, so I usually don’t have much to chip in.

Good to see some familiar faces (avatars?)


Lol I’m still around and I’m from 04! But I don’t post as much as I used to and haven’t been too into Hitman… But I want to! Just too busy. Anyway I’m ShockWave from the old forum lol going by the alias Dredio because that’s what I go by now lol but just saying hi!


I joined the old forum back around December 08’ I think it was.

For all you peeps who we’re also around at that time it was when the Rosewood trailer for absolution had just been released.

Crazy to think I’ve been apart of the HMF crew for almost a decade now. I don’t come on here as often these days due to work etc but anytime Hitman news appears in my news feeds I jump straight back on to see everyone getting hyped again.


Even though I don’t know most of you, this is really fun to read! :grinning:


welcome to the forum, man, i’m sure we’ll be great friends


I’m almost same. Except that I’m still suck at english.


I’m still here every once in a while. I was part of a hitman community before HMF appeared. Then the old place shut down (I think it was called hitman HQ) and I have been here ever since. I don’t remember how long to be honest but I pre ordered the original C47 and went looking around on the net for forums a few weeks after the game launched. I think that was around the year 2000 or so. I miss the forums from back in the day. This place was way more aggressive and spent less time talking PC bullshit and more time aggressively ripping on everything and everyone. People could take it back then and we all hung together because of the kick ass game. I hardly remember anyone though. I remember ampburner and kent, a boy named cheese, sgg847 and some guy who’s name I can’t remember, who had a serious sexual problem and got a little obsessed with killing female character models.lol.


I’m happy to say Hitman HQ is still around, but it hasn’t been active or updated for years.

We’ve got a topic dedicated to the site.

Do you mean Asterix/Aeseric? That guy was weird, to put it lightly.


Im a very old member. Just not an old member of these forums :slight_smile:


I think I stopped going to Hitman HQ when the forum was taken down. After that there was no way to talk to anyone or share strategy. That is what led me to HMF. The name Asterix doesn’t ring a bell but I remember this dude making a huge list of sadistic shit he wanted IOI to implement into the game. He pretty much wanted to torture “impure” female characters. He was pretty strange… his complete lack of social code was humorous though. He would go on long rants about random things whenever someone made him remember something from his past. After the launch of Absolution I started to drift away from here. During the Blood Money days I remember Quine and some guy who used to photoshop splintercell into the hitman title building up to Absolution’s launch lol. Johnny Drama and his bathroom pic, haha.

After Blood Money, I remember typing large reports worth of idea’s on this site. It was very active and many of us were full of opinions on how to make the game better. I have to say, Hitman 2016 really did implament a bunch of ideas from back then. Most of the ideas that I shared back then are now in the game in some form or another. Not that they were my ideas or anything. Most of us collaborated and bounced ideas off each other. Being forced to manually shut doors behind you is probably the only thought I had that didn’t make it into 2016. Some of my thoughts didn’t get implemented until the pro mode was released and I must admit that they were not all implemented in a way that I had in mind but still. It’s nice to see that gamers and developers were on a similar page back then. I wish they would have added more guards that patrol rather than stationary ones. Stationary guards make areas unplayable so you have to avoid them. Patrols allow the same gameplay but you have smaller windows for completing the kill. That is more hard without limiting the gameplay or level design.


Oh god, you’re talking about Coflash… I forgot about that guy.


That’s the one! Coflash! Ha, that guy got banned before Absolution. lol.