Hey sunshines! Any old members left?


Here’s the thing he made. One of the many things actually…

He also made a website called HitmanAbomination.com MONTHS IN ADVANCE of the games release to talk about how much of a failure it was. The dude had way too much time on his hands.


There was that guy with the Rorschach avatar (somethingcheese?), his posts were awesome.


I think you are talking about “a boy named cheese” He later changed his name to “they call me cheese” He was kind of aggressive and blunt sometimes but right on most of the time. I bumped into him over the years and he would always ignore me or maybe he just didn’t remember me but he was still around after absolution at least.


I remember you were always more willing to give the game a chance and he was the exact opposite. You have to admit that square enix really did abuse IOI though. They tried to take out David Bateson and Vivian mckey. Absolution wasn’t a bad stealth game but it wasn’t a Hitman game. They pretty much made a splintercell game and put 47 in it. Coflash was spot on with that photoshop. Looking back, he was just mad at what was happening to his favorite game series. I’m glad 2016 turned out the way it did. Hopefully WB will continue to allow IOI to work in that direction. I would hate to see a producer do that to them again. At least IOI was smart enough to keep the rights to the Hitman series.

In the end, many of the ideas in absolution could have worked without gutting the original game design but it required that they be implemented in a different way. I remember complaining that they had better not pull another splintercell and kill off Diana. I still think they were going to kill her off if enough people hadn’t complained. Absolution was very close to ruining everything. Still, It wasn’t a bad game. I think I sunk 200 hours into it. It was a bad Hitman game though in my opinion. Like you, i was willing to give it a chance and it wasn’t a complete fail but I think coflash was correct in the end. He had no way of knowing though, at the time. All of his hardcore trolling wasn’t justified but all of the photoshop memes and page long posts, bashing the game were entertaining. I wasn’t aware that he made hitmanabomination.com though. That is pretty hardcore. Absolution had good graphics and some decent control mechanaics. It’s challenge system was ported into 2016 and has given it much more play value as a result. I’m glad square enixe CEO was replaced after absolution. Square’s expectations were unrealistic from the get go though.


That’s fucking brilliant tho.


I am sure that is how he felt. I don’t doubt his sincerity, because in his own mind he probably felt like he was defending the franchise. However, his major problem was believing that he spoke on behalf of “true fans” when the reality is that he only ever spoke for himself. The fact that some people found his photoshopped images amusing seemed to boost his ego and he ended up making more and more of them, each one more elaborate and more vitriolic than the last, culminating in that ridiculous website. Oh, that website… I still remember it well.

There was a lot of fan outrage during the Absolution era from people who were angry that their game series was going through some changes. Some of it was understandable, some of it less so - But few manifestations of said outrage were as memorable or as entitled as his due to the sheer scale and relentlessness of it. The fact he went out of his way to create a website and register the domain hitmanabomination.com purely to get visibility for a multi-paragraph screed filled with melodrama, assumptions and personal attacks on the developers, all while frothing over the quality of a game that was still months from release will never cease to amaze me. How can someone who is clearly that creative have so much time and energy to waste hating something so relentlessly? It must be exhausting. I genuinely think he wanted to hate Absolution, and would have hated it regardless of how it turned out because at that point anything other than doubling down would have been seen as a concession that the game wasn’t actually the Worst Thing Ever Created by Humans after all. I recall him coming back the day after the game was released to gloat about being “right” - Meanwhile I was halfway through my first playthrough of the game and loving it.

I’m still very fond of Absolution as a game. It has flaws, but I think IO clearly learned a lot about what to do and what not to do and became a better studio as a result of making it. Hitman 2016 wouldn’t have turned out the way it did if it weren’t for Absolution. Heck, many of the mechanical/aesthetic improvements and design philosophies that Absolution kicked off (such as a more agile 47, verbose NPCs etc) are still present and accounted for in 2016. My main problems with Absolution were for things that most of the fanbase seemed happy to ignore, such as the creepy levels of misogyny in the game, for example. But I’ve really talked Absolution to death over the years, i’m all in to talk about the next game now.


I vaguely remember some sort of flame war between people from here and Hitman HQ about which forum was better or some such nonsense. Seems awful silly in retrospect.

It seems like it’s much harder to navigate the whole political correctness issue than it was a decade ago,on the internet and otherwise. Seems like people are just sitting around scouring the web for something to be offended by, and getting businesses and governments behind the idea that there should be massive consequences for hurting someone’s feelings. I miss the days when people were expected to have reasonably thick skin.


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