Himan III will not launch, windows 10x64, meets minimum req

Disc or digital?: Digital

Description : Launching fromo EGL or directly from install folder will spin the cycle as if to try to launch, but never does.
Steps to reproduce:

Not sure
Frequency : ALWAYS happen

I am in a grey area here, to be honest, i have an i5 @3.3GHz equivalent 8th Generation i3 300Series Quad core at 3.5GHz, a GTX 960 4GB, and 16GB DDr4 RAM, i cannot launch the game, got it for my birthday which was yesterday and haven’t been able to launch it at all.

Can You Run it also qualifies me, and it still will not launch.

You may post the issue here to make someone with more knowledges see. I don’t play on PC so I probably can’t help you. I hope your issue gets fixed soon.