Himmelstein hidden NPC

I know there’s the caveman, skydiver, hiker, and Pigeon guy… But I just noticed another; an NPC only visible with Instinct can be seen lower left of 47 (under the black duck). If you fire at it or near it using wall penetrative rounds it kills the NPC +creates an explosion animation + alerts the entire map.
What is this…

What I find more amazing than this discovery is the fact that people still play sniper assassin.

jk, people can like sniper assassin if they want to

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It’s part of the Agnomaly feat challenge. The guy laying on an inflatable will appear after shooting all gnomes.


I’m assuming u mean after completing the gnome challenge, yea? Cuz he’s there no matter what but I’ve done that challenge long ago…

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Yes. He’s always under the water bridge path but he only appears visible to you (without instinct) when you shoot all gnomes.