HITMAN 1 & 2 - Favorite Mission? [POLL]


Well Alma Reynard as a character is a big one (I mean Ken Morgan is upstaged by Dexy Barat a much better character for the contract), I like the levels colour pallet and moody atmosphere more than Colorado and Bangkok, I like the design of the mansion over the other levels, the enforcer placement is better than the embassy in Marrakesh (which I heard they fixed in the legacy), the opportunities in the mission and the routine she has are also better than Ken Morgans and three thirds of the Colorado targets. Oh and the security system placement alone in Nightcall places it above Club 27.


I voted for the Prologue in the category Story.
Seems like I’m the only one who voted for it. I think that the story of many other maps is way better or more interesting - referring to the story of the targets. What I like about the prologue is the fact that it felt very personal and different than the other map stories, because it was about 47 - not a target. Especially the last cutscene with the legacy trailer in combination was just beautiful.

But if it’s about the targets, than i would have probably voted for Sapienza or Hokkaido.


Excellent -
World of Tomorrow
The Finish Line
Chasing A Ghost

Good -
Situs Inversus
Three Headed Serpent
Another Life
The Ark Society

A Guided Cage
Club 27
Freedom Fighters

Meh -


Club 27 and A Gilded Cage have their fare share of issues but to say that these missions are worse than Nightcall is well…just…I would say “wrong” or “dishonest” but its ultimately your opinion…

Nightcall in itself is not a terrible level by any means and in fact I enjoyed it enough to replay it about 4-5 times. As you mentioned, the mood is excellent, has a Contracts feel to it and Alma Reynard is an incredibly interesting target with the sexiest voice in the entire Hitman franchise but problem is its a pseudo tutorial mission disguised as a main mission.

It has no more content than the tutorial missions (arguably less even) and funny thing is, the map isn’t even all that small as I expected it to be. The beach area is massive but sadly is spectacularly wasted, just ONE disguise when they could have at least had separate guards patrolling the beach and the starting locations other than the office are completely pointless.

Nightcall is like a side course dish in a buffet. As a side course item, it is fine but if its categorized as one of the SIX main course items it will be judged accordingly and Nightcall drops to rock bottom.


Well I never said worse and I put them in my good category so I am probably being much more forgiving on these levels than most other members. I just enjoyed Gilded Cage and Club 27 less and less the more I played them. It was too close towards the end of my selections and I invoked the Law of Diminishing Returns and they fell short.

In fact in a perfect world I would have drastically changed Club 27 on the whole but that is not relevant.


I will admit that Ken Morgan is an incredibly boring character. Perhaps even the absolute worst target in the franchise and the Assassination Opportunities surrounding him are just as boring which is reflective of his persona too. Killing him while he makes a private call in the basement? Blowing up his tuk tuk? MEH. These should have just exclusively been under the assasination challenges the payer would discover by himself/herslf instead of making them a part of an assassination Opportunity( or Mission Stories as per the new game) because they are not worth it.


It should have been either Dexy or just Jordan Cross. But that would have been the tip of the ice berg of the changes I would make. But, dude, don’t knock the tuk tuk, explosive kills can be the best kills.


I had honestly forgotten that Ken Morgan even existed. It’s been a long time since I played Club 27 but I only remember killing Jordan Cross


Jordan Cross on the other stands in stark contrast to Ken. I loved his character arc and also just how relatable and realistic he is. Angry rich kid that “accidentally” commits a heinous crime and then tries to escape justice by abusing the financial and political power of his parents? Yeah there are plenty of assholes like Jordan in this world.


Sapienza is my favourite map in the entire series, that’s why I chose Landslide and WoT. I chose the Source as my favourite in PZ due to an oversight that was never patched.

In Hitman 1 you could play the Source even if you didn’t actually own the GOTY content, as the featured contracts on that map can be played by anyone, even if GOTY isn’t bought. A featured contract called ‘The Last Ceremony’ has both Nabazov and Yulduz as the targets, along with two other NPCs. That’s the one I always played.

Sadly this glitch is (apparently) not in HITMAN 2 as there’s no featured contracts in Bangkok yet.


True, I would have kept Jordan as the sole target on the mission and to honest I would scrap the hotel and make it a recording studio.


Ah Morgan.

That one gave me headache. Poisoned bodyguard’s water, sniperd that fatass, to the head, he fell over the handrail, fell in to the river!

AWESOME, except, NOPE body found, “AHA You! - the man with the briefcase DIE!” I got shot in the loby.

My head does not compute.

Do the guards use telepatic connection with the fish in the river, whom have witnessed the guy falling in the water?


More content doesn’t necessarily mean the maps are better. I feel that Nightcall is a really well-crafted mission (which is easier to achieve with that map size, but still) and offers a more enjoyable experience than some missions from S1.

I’d agree that the fact the mission is really different from the rest makes it difficult or unfair to compare it to them, but if we’re just talking about the fun we had playing through the maps I would rank it higher than a few other maps.


I loved Contracts mode from S1! Now I want to try that mission out. You know you can just re-create it right?


Have you tried doing SA/SO in Bangkok? I did it but it almost made me throw my controller on screen.


At a certain point once his assassination challenges are all done. I just shoot him point blank with the Silverballer and just make a dash for the exit.

Yes, but I gave up. I have yet to play Bangkok on legacy so I have yet to see if they fixed the security system hub locations.


I finished it SA/SO in Bangkok Legacy but they did NOT fix the security hub at all!


Luckily for me SA/SO is the last type of playthrough I do.


Club 27 is unbelievably frustrating to traverse if you do not have the master card.


But have you discovered the secret assassination kill in Nightcall?