HITMAN 1 & 2 - Favorite Mission? [POLL]


Drowning her yeah just aim at her or chase her into the water right. I know of the kill have yet to do it.


Instinct now makes it easier to avoid the cameras that you can’t shoot unseen. I think the mission is alright. Don’t have any problems with Ken Morgan either, he was as well fleshed out as Jordan and Dexy, with plenty of ways to kill him. The Room Service opportunity is probably one of the instances where 47 spends the most time face to face with a target.
Yeah, I like him.
The master keycard is fairly easy to get, but I agree it increases enjoyment of the level if you have it. Wouldn’t hurt to include it automatically in your inventory in some starting locations.


Yeah one thing about Bangkok is that the most dangerous enemies are not enforcers but rather cameras and locked doors. I don’t think there is any level in S1 where the cameras pose as much of a threat to your rating as Bangkok.


Only on a full-body scale is he is more fleshed out. On paper and as a character then no.

Not anymore he has more interaction in the realtor opportunity in Another Life or in any other opportunity in H2 than he does in all Club 27 (except for Fade to Black and as Abel da Silva)


Nah. Jordan was more fleshed out than Ken as a character.

You misunderstood what I meant. I should have been more clear in my original post, sorry. I’ll try and explain better.

I don’t own the GOTY content in either HITMAN 1 or 2. That means that I can’t normally access the PZ campaign or any of the GOTY escalations, weapons or suits.

However, in Hitman 1 any featured contract in the Source could be played even if you didn’t actually own the GOTY content. It’s a glitch on IO’s part. If you don’t own GOTY you can’t play or create normal contracts on that map, but strangely you can still play any featured contracts on it.

That glitch is what allowed me to play the Source in the first place, as I don’t own the GOTY stuff I couldn’t access the map without playing the featured contracts. That’s why I chose the mission as my favourite in PZ, as it’s the only one I really played.


Lol. He had character though. Its just that his character was really boring.

Ken Morgan feels like an Elusive Target reject…


I feel like I’m missing some inside joke here. :smiley:
But I’ll respond semi-seriously anyway.

What we know about Ken Morgan:

  • lawyer
  • invented this rich kid syndrome and got some cheerleader off the hook
  • is known in the corporate law world and well respected
  • has got that condition where he insists on everything being extremely clean
  • enjoys the culinary arts
  • enjoys authentic souvenirs
  • takes care of Jordan Cross behind the screens, together with Dexy and Thomas Cross
  • ambitious
    I really think I’ve got a general feel of this character. I’m thinking along the lines of Frasier Crane, but with a cutthroat attitude.
    What more is there to flesh out character wise?


Just the way his character was narratively exectued left a lot to be desired. He is very dry…


i would say ark society is my fav. just reminds me of the classic hitman games. i love the missions where you basically infiltrate one large building. this is definitely it. i get lost in this mission all the time.


From best to worst:

  1. Situs Inversus
  2. The World of Tomorrow
  3. Three-Headed Serpent
  4. The Finish Line
  5. The Showstopper
  6. Chasing a Ghost
  7. Another Life
  8. Nightcall
  9. The Ark Society
  10. Freedom Fighters
  11. A Gilded Cage
  12. Club 27


Yeah those traits are boring in normal people so imagine a character with them. I did enjoy the references to the firm he worked for in The Ark Society and I hope when they make Yates a target (and I am like 80 percent sure they will) they give him actual character traits.


not really. two seperate gaames both are fun


“A gilded cage & Freedom fighters”, said no one ever


Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person who thinks ‘A Guilded Cage’ is a good mission.


Well yes but at the same time they are completely identical in terms of their mechanics and both can be accessed via the same application. So I like to see them both as part of one ever evolving package. :slight_smile:


You think thats bad? Well you will never know how it feels to consider Freedom Fighters as a genuinely excellent mission! :rofl:


I kinda like the mission too, cause i like everything in hitman… But if it is to choose…


I’ll just say this to make it easier…my favorite mission in 2016 is Sapienza, and my favorite mission in Hitman 2 is Miami.


That means the game is successful if we got some diverse answers.

I love Hokkaido, sapienza, and whittleton creek the most. The maps are so unique and they really submerge me into the game. I feel like I am having a small vacation sample in a nut shell sometimes.

I do wish they bring back hong Kong in the future but Mumbai kind of covered that.


Happy you guys are spreading the love so evenly, that’s fantastic. Also happy going from design lead on Marrakech to Mumbai :smile: