HITMAN 1 & 2 - Favorite Mission? [POLL]

  1. Chasing a Ghost
  2. A House Built on Sand
  3. World of Tomorrow
  4. The Finish Line
  5. Situs Inversus
  6. The Showstopper
  7. A Gilded Cage
  8. Three-Headed Serpent
  9. Whilton Creek
  10. Landslide
  11. The Ark Society
  12. The Icon
  13. Club 27
  14. Nightcall
  15. Freedom Fighters


I have favorite in both games
Club 27, and situs inversus

Hitman 2: all expect the first training level,
I like Columbia, I like when i got dress as Shaman.
I also like Isle of Sgail , reminds me of few missions put together


It’s good to see the opinions all differ from each other. That means IOI did a great job making the game, and all levels are loved by different people! :blush:

Shocked to see no one choose A Gilded Cage, doesn’t mean it isn’t someone’s nr. 2 though.


Why Mumbai ? It features the two most spectaculars hits of the Hitman games.
There was the lights in Paris which collapse on the podium, the automatic canon in Marrakesh but here,
d-a-m-n, we’re talking about a train which goes off the rail and a concrete cylinder which is dropped from a crane…


I was doing SA/SO on Bangkok on Master last night, and I almost felt the urge to do that. Before that mission I thought “It’s only a hotel. It can’t be as hard as Hokkaido, right? Right!?”

I was wrong.

Mission wise…

Situs Inversus
The Ark Society
Another Life
The Finish Line
World Of Tomorrow
Three Headed Serpent
Club 27
Chasing A Ghost
Freedom Fighters
A Gilded Cage


Lol. Hokkaido is very deceptive because initially it looks like the toughest one to get SA/SO but once you figure out the method, its definitely the easiest to get SA/SO!

Colorado on the other hand…I haven’t even attempted to do SA/SO because I think its going to make me throw away my TV off my window lol. :joy:



Santa Fortuna
Marrakesh (AHBoS)
Whittleton Creek

Marrakesh (Gilded Cage)
ICA Training facility

Isle of Sgail (Admittedly I’ve played this the least)
Hawke’s Bay - This is an Absolution mission if I ever saw one


I find it difficult to do specified ordered rank, so like others on here, I’ll go by categories:

Whittleton Creek

Santa Fortuna
Freeform Training
Final Test
Hawke’s Bay (Yes, I really like this mission)

Isle of Sgail (I enjoy the ambiance/music more than the map)

Not so Great:
Bangkok (My least favorite map by far)


Santa Fortuna (My personal favorite)
Sapienza (Day)

Colorado (Morning) (Should return as a alternate mode for Sniper Assassin)
Hawke’s Bay (I really like this mission, sue me.)

Marrakesh (Night)
Sapienza (Landslide)
Sapienza (Author) (Least memorable mission imo)

Just Bad:
ICA Training Facility
Bangkok (Night)
Sapienza (Icon) (Restricted map and annoying mission stories)
Hokkaido (Morning) (Least favorite mission)

Tell me if I left any out


Huh it is odd to see some one rank A Gilded Cage over A House Built on Sand. And rarer to see a person rank the Vector as great. But not a bad ranking


Yeah, AHBoS just felt average to me unfortunately. Though I loved the characters and some of the assassination methods, a lot of the mission for me felt kinda “same old same old” for me. Still a good level though.


I feel you I love the way the lamp store lights up and bugzappers are hung around stores. Feels like an old spy novel from when Morocco was a spy haven.

  1. World of Tomorrow (I have over 150h on this mission alone. Needless to say, its the best)
  2. Showstopper (So much to do here, plus people like Al-Ghazali, Andrea Martinez and Tren Po)
  3. The Finish Line (I dont know why its good. It just is)
  4. Freedom Fighters (I love the targets, the astethic, the layout, everything)
  5. Three-Headed Serpent (The targets are amazing, even Jorge who has basically no background. I only have three complaints: Not enough big melees, No joke disguise and the NPC names are hard to remember)
  6. Chasing a Ghost (There is a lot to do, its big and there is only two problems with it: The targets are meh and i dont like orange)
  7. Another Life (My ‘‘Curse of Morgan Le Fay’’ contract from Hitman 2016 was featured, it was a Sapienza Plague Doctor Blade contract, and one of the ‘‘selling points’’ was killing Padre Francesco with a Battle Axe. So needless to say, the vault thing is epik. And second, its exactly what i wanted Colorado to be like, when i first saw the layout from Hitmanmaps.com. Also its fun)
    So 1 is my fav, 2-7 are the best and 8 and 9 are just below the best. 10 is not one of the best but its still good, 11-14 is good and 15 is ‘‘meh’’ and everything below starts getting increasingly worse)
  8. Situs Inversus
  9. Club 27
  10. Ark Society
  11. A House Built on Sand
  12. The Landslide
  13. A Gilded Cage
  14. The Final Test
  15. Nightcall
  16. The Icon
  17. The Source
  18. Freeform Training
  19. Patient Zero
  20. Holiday Hoarders
  21. The Author
  22. The Vector


Seeing everyone’s rankings has me thinking: IOI put out a few stinkers that most of us agree are bad, but man did they do an amazing job on the rest.

Thank you, @Travis_IOI and the whole team at IOI!


There may be some “stinkers,” but for me I’d still rather play those “stinkers” than no Hitman at all.


I still revisit Colorado to do that dual target battering ram kill.:smiling_imp:


I’m not even sure you can call any of them ‘stinkers’.

There’s no ‘At The Gates’ or awful Absolution missions.

At worst, at the very worst, you have some missions that are average or meh.
And even then, they all have redeeming qualities.

‘Club 27 ‘ usually appears near the bottom end of people’s lists (mine included), but I think that it has 2-3 of the best Hitman assassinations of all time.


Even Freedom Fighters had the battering ram kill and the safe charge for me. That is the level that is everyone’s least favourite.


Bangkok, Landslide and the Icon are way worse.


What no! At least the icon had an interesting, unique target and some interesting kills, Jordan Cross practically makes Bangkok and Landslide does things World of tomorrow does not.