HITMAN 1 & 2 - Favorite Mission? [POLL]


Dino Bosco is probably the most annyoing Target in the Series.

i have to agree with that.

Jordan Cross is a Rich Kid with Daddy Issues and i strongly dislike, same with Caruso in WoT.
Looking back now, i think the only Target i really like from Season One is Yuki Yamazaki :grin:

playing an annoying Song? :wink:


Really? Yuki is a decent character but she is nothing that flash.

Yes The Five Cherries are like a z-list reunion band from the Seventies playing the same songs over and over. But at least it is original music or at least a new genre at play.

Duh that is what makes him so satisfying to kill. I call it Strandberg Syndrome


Please…call it Claus Syndrome :wink:

Strandberg is a believable Character, that makes him fun to kill. The Things he says during the massage make him real.


Oh yes the Michael Douglas is strong in Claus (I see what you did there). Saying ignorance doesn’t not blind him is my cue for the neck snap


He is Capitalism, thats what we all want this Day and Age :stuck_out_tongue:


Take it from a sociological minded person there is no magical -ism that works one hundred percent, people are the problem. Unfortunately there are a lot of selfish people out there and plenty of under-educated ones. Still fells good killing him in the name of Adam Smith


You guys are right, “stinkers” was a bit harsh. I meant a map that has been consistently disliked by the community, such as Colorado or Bangkok.

To call them stinkers is too harsh though, as @Murdock103 pointed out, there’s no “At the Gates” or any linear absolution shit.

My bad y’all, but my point is even stronger: even the levels we rank lowest, are still good - above stinker level at least :rofl:


Also -

Replayed hawkes Bay for the second time ever after about 120 hrs in. I like it more.


Imho there are NO bad missions in the game and I personally feel even the least loved missions (Club 27, Freedom Fighters, Gilded Cage, Nightcall) still offer plenty of fun content and some really memorable kills and dare I say could even stand toe to toe with some of the best levels from the older games.

None of these missions are anywhere near as awful or severely dull as Hidden Valley, At the gates, jungle missions from C47, Plutonium Runs Loose, Gunrunners Paradiss, several H:SA missions and the China missions from Contracts.


Those are good Missions, they all have a interesting Setting and some nice, unusual Gimmicks, like the Jaguar, the Shootout with Pablo, the random Safe in the Lee Hong Assassination and the Timer in PRL - yes, even PRL is quite enjoyable, when you know what to do.

The only real Failures in the Series are At the Gates, Hidden Valley and Countdown from Absolution.


I dont think there are any bad missions in the game. Except for the patient zero missions. Not enough difference and not enough dedicated kills.

Edit: I guess you can count Holiday Hoarders with Patient Zeros. Those five are still nothing terrible like Absolution, At the gates and Hidden Valley, or the entire C47 (Tho, the problem with C47 is that there is no saves. The maps are not themselves bad)


That’s exactly my thoughts, after I played them again, now. To play them on reset, with each challenge new to complete, and mastery level to unlock, and the new iteams to fool around, they feel fresh again, and give some new life that haven’t been there in HITMAN 2016. Which makes it really sad that especially Sapienza is basically the worst now. I don’t know what happend, but while almost any map got a new lighning, Sapienzas got worse in every point. And the water is glitched out everywhere.


After 4 weeks with Hitman 2 and the Lagacy Pack:

  1. Sapienza
  2. Mumbai
  3. Miami
  4. Paris
  5. Hokkaido
  6. Whittelton Creek
  7. Santa Fortuna
  8. Isle of Sgail
  9. Marrakesh
  10. New Zealand
  11. Colorado
  12. Bangkok


The Holiday Hoarders level is pretty tragic to me.

I love the look and atmosphere of the Christmas mansion, but I don’t really care for the gimmicky mission that goes with it. It seems like such a waste of an amazing setting. That level should have been (and should still be!) opened up for contract creation.


Why do you think Club 27 is better than Chasing a Ghost? The only good thing about that mission is a Lou Reed reference in the name of one challenge.


I feel a lot more limited in Chasing A Ghost than I do in Club 27, despite the fact that it’s an infinitely larger map with more opportunities. I just don’t like the way Chasing A Ghost is set up. Stalk the streets for this one target, go up this huge building for another target, go behind this heavily guarded territory for another. It’s great in theory, but in execution it feels too segmented. In a level like Club 27 you don’t feel limited, you feel like you can kill your target in just about any way imaginable. It’s very “free-form”. Whereas in Chasing A Ghost, just getting Sniper Assassin is awkward because of the way in which 2 of the 3 targets are set up.

It’s probably the Hitman 2 mission I’ve put the third most time in, but it could grow on me. I’m not claiming any of this out of objectivity.


Mumbai is probably the easiest H2 map to get Sniper Assassin for


So i finally feel like I can rank these to some degree.

1- Sapienza
2- Paris
3- Mumbai
4- Miami
6-Santa Fortuna
7- Marrakesh
8-Whittleton Creek
9- Isle of Sgail
10- Bangkok
11- Colorado
12- New Zealand

I actually did the top 4 and bottom 3 straight away. Trying to arrange 5 to 9 was the hardest bit.
I think Hokkaido is pretty guaranteed 5-7, but honestly all the mission in the middle of the pack shift depending on my mood.


But you can’t. Morgan’s route is a joke. And there are only two ways of getting into the studio one of which is practically impossible without a disguise. And almost all kills are restricted to opportunities that involve a lot of waiting.

Except you don’t have to do this as there are ways(purple smoke) to make all target move to the city area and you have also got the Kashmirian. And nonr of these methods require a disguise.


Kashmirian was cool. But after doing that quest I just wanted to take over the sniping spots by myself. As far as I’m aware, you can’t. So you have to go to these places.

I haven’t done purple smoke before but if it would change my opinion substantially, than good for that.