HITMAN 1 & 2 - Favorite Mission? [POLL]


Nightcall is interesting. It has the look and atmosphere to be a Top 5 location, but it’s dead last in terms of content. IOI should expand it and turn it into a proper mission like the rest, adding a creepy basement to the house, crumbling underground tunnels, and explorable shacks out in the dunes, full of lanterns that sway in the wind and the buried bodies of Reynard’s other victims, giving the level a real Splinter Cell meets Resident Evil vibe. I’d rather them put their time and effort into that than give us a bonus mission like The Icon, personally.

And, naturally, open it up to contract creation once there’s more to do there.


I’m really surprised IO didn’t do anything with the torture van. I would have loved to exact some revenge for those poor dead people (yeah yeah, 47 technically doesn’t care).


Yeah, me, too. I thought there’d be a story mission to go with that.

(And there should be! That’s one of the things IOI could add if they do what I said above.)


I would already settle for the option to drag the bodies away, and then when Alma and her crew return they go apeshit about where the bodies had gone.
Or they could just blame it on Max and proceed as if nothing happened.


Max Disguise Confirmed January 2019 Update? :joy:


If we go with my Splinter Cell/Resident Evil vibe, Max could be more than a regular dog.

Yeah – he still looks normal; let’s not go mad. no T-virus or anything crazy like that in the Hitman universe. But maybe Reynard keeps him in a roomy kennel in her creepy basement, and maybe (although he’s perfectly sweet and cuddly most of the time) she’s trained him since a puppy to attack and kill mercilessly when she blows a special dog whistle, or when she speaks a certain command.

This gives 47 the opportunity to acquire said whistle or record Reynard’s voice and play it for Max, making him attack and maul Reynard or another target to death during feeding time.


47 appears wearing the Max disguise when Reynard calls Max’s name, and she doesn’t realize it’s not actually her dog, because 47 is just that good.


i was overwhelmed by Mumbai at first, then i hated it because of the Maelstrom Identification, but then i found a way to skip that shit and now i quite like it. My list so far:

  • Colombia
    -Hawkes Bay
    -Isle of Sgail
    -Hidden Valley
    -Another Life


I am honeslty suprised by the hate for Freedom Fighters. Its one of my favourites :frowning:


Damn I’m so happy to see how well Hokkaido is doing. I voted for Sapienza, but damn that level was so good.


Are we talking about locations or missions? Cause WoT somewhat sucks but Sapienza overall doesn’t.


Good question. This could probably be broken into two polls: favourite location and favourite main mission.


What? Why don’t you like World of Tomorrow? I love the mission. The only thing I can think of is that the chick target is not as interesting, and also I’ve only found one way to destroy the virus (I know there’s a couple, I think there’s one where you can destroy it from the house).


chasing a ghost lowkey blew my mind LOL


specially fo fiber wire suit only :wink:


The virus is a chore. It was even worse on Pro mode in H2016 as it required you to finish the mission every time to get challenges. The problem with it is that there is one objectively easiest way to destroy it. And I personally don’t like the lab area. How has nobody in the town noticed that? There even is a scientist in the church and nobody is suspicious.

Another thing is some of the challenges like killing Silvio with a pistol and smothering him with a pillow during the therapy. They are the exact same thing.

And then there is everything outside the mansion. I get it’s for contracts and bonus missions but it’s barely used in the main mission. Would be great if Silvio had a trip to the church just like it was planned initially. And if FrannieDeSany visited the lab on her own as well.


They actually have, two fishermen discuss the pollution from the lab. Two townies near the gelato place have notice Ether smuggling in the hazmat suits and gear. Several tourist note the water is polluted slightly and then there are the bodyguards right in plain sight. The public know the lab exists they don’t know it’s true purpose, only the research staff know the true purpose of the project

No they are not there are a few added steps between the two that make them different. I hate it when people say that. It is like saying a Caesar salad is like a Greek salad.

That would conflict with his character. He is a scientist and one that worked with stem cells it is completely incompatible from the character we have now.


Except they aren’t. Pushing a button and pushing a button and shooting is not “extra steps between the two”. It is like saying eating a salad with a spoon instead of a fork makes it a different one.

There are ways to make sense of it. He could interact with that scientist whose friend died. He could visit someone’s grave. He could have some business with the padre. Etc. But the first idea would probably be the best cause he may want to hide his death from the public.

But is it legal?


Does the legality matter. I am not one for land rights or property laws but I am sure Italy does not have laws permitting or prohibiting you from building a lab on private land, it is his home he can do what he wants to it. That is like asking if we should play as 47 since his creation breaks moral, UN and EU laws on genetic modification and cloning.

Why? It is clear Caruso does not care about his research staff, he keeps their DNA on hand as collateral in his vendetta against Ether

Caruso had no friends yet another thing the game makes brutally clear. Landslide is a petty revenge mission on a bully.

That would be De Santis job but the scientist death was accidental and there is nothing truly sinister about the scientists death. A coroner was sent down to examine the body she is near the mortuary.


Yes, cause if it’s legal there should probably be checks that he isn’t developing the deadliest weapon in the world. And if not, do I have to explain what should logically happen?

Still, it could be turned into something like blackmail plot that that woman has cause her friend died. Obviously, you’d have to tweak it a bit to work.