HITMAN 1 & 2 - Favorite Mission? [POLL]


This is a video game where you play as a clone created via a therory that was formulated half a century prior to real life, with the aid of the Illuminati under the auspices of one man. In a level where he kills scientists working for a company that actually works for the Illuminati with employees who are a part of an elite cabal of doomsday preppers. The next level has you stopping a coup that is actually an Illuminati false flag attack to subvert a north African democracy. Standberg should not have even had a job after China and in real life the Moroccan bank firm would have dug deeper into his credentials.

The land rights and viral creation rights of Italy have been bent slightly. Ether have more than enough money and power to pay off one of the poorest nations in Europe. Italy is not short on corrupt and weak politicians


That isn’t illogical. That’s just the way things are in this universe.


There is no indication of it though.


Stranberg was not a Providence member if I recall correctly the only operative in the mission was Erik Olander, the counsellor for the Swedish embassy.

Jeez when you move the goalposts like that no wonder you keep scoring. How is 47 less than or equal to an underground lab in Italy on a scale of implausibility. I don’t call the prime minister if I want a man-cave in my house. Why can’t you suspend your disbelief? Realism can be detrimental to a game like stealth games, imagine Hitman if the guards were as smart as normal humans

Well how else do you explain the lab then? Either I am right and there are no laws being broken or I am right in assuming that a large powerful company managed to pay off government officials like they have been doing since time immemorial.


I think he was

Implausibility can be different. 47 is a work of science fiction and there is some in-universe explanation of what he is and how he was created. It doesn’t contradict any logic. A lab everyone knows about right in front of the townhall does. Especially since there is no explanation of why and how it ended up being there.

Do you not see the problem in guessing what’s right?


No he was not neither Zeydan or Strandberg were involved with Providence. They were puppets and nothing more. Not even Zeydan knew who was paying him to stage the coup, he laughed at the name The Heralds. Strandberg was a patsy Zeydan used to whip up a frenzy

It does not matter! Ether dragged supplies into town and built a lab into the grotto, Ether paid off people to get building permits. Not every single damn detail needs to spelled out you know. Are you daft or something. Lack imagination? Need to spoon-fed info like a toddler? Get creative, IO did they wanted a lab for cool twisted science opportunities they put one in. Thematic usage, playing with lighting and the list of technical stuff goes on

I mean why is there a Swedish Embassy in Marrakesh, they are not strongly geo-politically tied at all, why is the Himmapan named with a Javanese word and not a Thai word? Why is the GAMA institute also a disease research facility when it is/was also a clinic?


i havent tried that, but my SA/SO record is around 7min :slight_smile:


I just spent two more go-throughs of Isle of Sgail. Man … this map just gets better and better. The more I play, the closer it is to top 3 material.


Gotta say that I like Colorado a lot more with all of the long grass they added in Hitman 2.

The level seems designed for it, even though it wasn’t a thing in the first game.


GOAT: Paris

Great: Sapi, Hokkaido, Miami, Mumbai, whittleton creek

Decentish: Marrakesh, Bangkok, colombia, isle of sgail, colorado

Simply plain bad: Hawke’s Bay


Most if not all of the decentish maps were outsourced :smile:


Mumbai replicates an Indian city so well 47 even gets to outsource his job.:joy:




Can’t really be a coincidence now can it


Hah nice to know you liked it, I din’t know if that would be the case.


Great point ! =D



Colombia decentish?

Didn’t you give it a 9/10 in your map review?


Yes i did, nice memory :slight_smile:

I also said: These are my initial thoughts after 1 week of playing. There is still much to discover, so these rating are very open to change.


So, what’s your rating now?


For Colombia? Let’s say around a 7.5. This might change again over time though, the game has only been out for a month, and i havent played a lot of contracts just yet.


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