HITMAN 1 & 2 - Favorite Mission? [POLL]


Why is Paris your GOAT? Because of Showstopper or more the general location, contract opportunities etc.?


Having only played hitman missions so far my favourite is, predictably, Sapienza. Glad to see a hitman 2 mission is equal with it!


Because Paris has the best level design in the entire series, easily.


Paris is still my favourite level, but I’m not sure if it’s because I’m biased towards it.

The size and scope of Paris when I first played it shocked me. It seemed to go on forever, because I was still half-expecting smaller, more linear maps like Absolution’s, and even the tutorial missions’ in Hitman 1 were much smaller than Paris’s.

But after Paris, and then Sapienza, I started to expect huge, detailed maps, so nothing since Paris has seemed quite as impressive in contrast, if that makes sense.


My ranking for both games:

Chasing a Ghost
The Finish Line
World Of Tomorrow
The Showstopper
Situs Inversus
Another Life
Three-Headed Serpent
A House Built on Sand
The Ark Society
A Gilded Cage
Club 27
Freedom Fighters
The Icon

It’s worth noting that these are mission rankings, not map rankings. As far as maps go, Paris and Sapienza still take the cake. However, I think it’s worth looking back on the Showstopper and questioning how well it holds up as a mission - it feels very shallow in comparison to say, Mumbai and there’s very little in the way of unique kills. Obviously that’s not everything in a map but going back to the legacy levels I can really see how World of Tomorrow is better in terms of depth.