HITMAN 1 & 2 - Favorite Mission? [POLL]


Why is Paris your GOAT? Because of Showstopper or more the general location, contract opportunities etc.?


Having only played hitman missions so far my favourite is, predictably, Sapienza. Glad to see a hitman 2 mission is equal with it!


Because Paris has the best level design in the entire series, easily.


Paris is still my favourite level, but I’m not sure if it’s because I’m biased towards it.

The size and scope of Paris when I first played it shocked me. It seemed to go on forever, because I was still half-expecting smaller, more linear maps like Absolution’s, and even the tutorial missions’ in Hitman 1 were much smaller than Paris’s.

But after Paris, and then Sapienza, I started to expect huge, detailed maps, so nothing since Paris has seemed quite as impressive in contrast, if that makes sense.


My ranking for both games:

Chasing a Ghost
The Finish Line
World Of Tomorrow
The Showstopper
Situs Inversus
Another Life
Three-Headed Serpent
A House Built on Sand
The Ark Society
A Gilded Cage
Club 27
Freedom Fighters
The Icon

It’s worth noting that these are mission rankings, not map rankings. As far as maps go, Paris and Sapienza still take the cake. However, I think it’s worth looking back on the Showstopper and questioning how well it holds up as a mission - it feels very shallow in comparison to say, Mumbai and there’s very little in the way of unique kills. Obviously that’s not everything in a map but going back to the legacy levels I can really see how World of Tomorrow is better in terms of depth.


After careful consideration and deliberation, here’s my ranking of each Hitman 7/2 mission!

Another Life:
Although I still really enjoy it, Whittleton Creek is my least favourite Hitman 7 level, I just found it lacking.

+Lovely sunny, autumnal neighbourhood setting. It’s great to just wander around in your suit, admiring the scenery, listening to people and soaking it all in.

+Lots of easter eggs- secret passages, basement vaults, murder rooms, etc. Loadsa unique disguises and NPC stories, too.

-I didn’t like the map’s square layout or the copy-and-pasted houses. I realise housing developments mostly do share the same design, but trudging through four different houses with altered furniture is dull, and you can’t really explore in this level. Why could more of the town not be opened up, or something?

-By this point, I’m sick of American locations. This is the 32nd!

-It’s too similar to A New Life. Normally, this would be a positive, but I thought it was a bit grating here.

-Those clues are annoying, as is Diana and Shad O’Client speaking after absolutely everything you do!


+Sneaking around an art deco mansion in the dead of night as a distant storm raged on reminded me of Best Mission Ever, Beldingford Manor. Especially the pillow smother.

+This was the first new Hitman location since October 2016, and so after watching that cutscene and wandering over the expansive beach, I couldn’t help but smile.

+Despite some criticism about its size, I like it. It’s nice not to have a massive overwhelming mission and this one feels more intimate and ‘cosy’. To be honest, I’d prefer twelve missions of Nightcall’s size, rather than six of Mumbai’s.

-This is a training mission, at the end of the day.

-Triggering the targets by turning on a computer is laaame.

-Why is the wetsuit not an unlockable?

Three-Headed Serpent:

+The bastard lovechild of A Vintage Year and Sapienza. Sort of.
+It was nice to have a dangerous criminal/drug lord as a target again.

+I liked the contrast of the ornate mansion and landscaped gardens overlooking the dilapidated shanty town. Delgado was interesting, too, with his egotistical museum, human-munching pet hippo, room full of money and bimbo wife.

+I’m easily pleased; I hear a Blood Money callback, I smile. I liked that Rico joins the Shadow Client purely to uncover the identity of the assassin who murdered his uncle Fernando, moments before 47 strikes again.

-I’m not a fan of the rundown village or jungle setting. But it did make a change from the high-class previous missions, I guess.

-The map feels very ‘videogamey’, with each target in a different section of the map with weird jungle corridors separating them.

Chasing A Ghost:

+From a purely technical standpoint, Mumbai is the best level; its extraordinarily well-detailed and designed.

+I loved the diversity of this map and the uniqueness of it- the shops, the cramped little apartments, the underground gang hideout, the half-constructed tower, the shitty beach, the rooftops, the disused train yard…it took me many happy hours to explore.

+Vanya Shah and Dawood Rangan are both such evil, unpleasant targets that it’s really quite satisfying to oust them.

+Some great ideas in this one- the Kashmirian and all the possibilities with it, the train kill, the various ways to identify the Malestrom, all good stuff.

+47’s starting outfit is the snazziest in the game.

-That said, I like Hitman because I can travel the world and see places I can never normally see, but I can honestly say that I have no intention of visiting Mumbai’s slums. I find myself replaying this one the least.

-I don’t really like the search for The Malestrom. Plus, as he was a pirate, It’s sad that there wasn’t a hijacked cruise ship level as many fans predicted.

The Finish Line:
This was the only level I knew about before I went Hitman cold turkey for five months, and it certainly is a belter.

+This map is massive. The race event and convention centre could have easily been two separate levels and even then, they would have been large. Great fun to explore.

+There’s just so much to do. This is the level that best takes advantage of the Hitman formula. There are so many different approaches, and it plays like a dream. Some great easter eggs, too!

+This place is disguise central- from racing drivers, to medics, flamingos to scientists, and all the bits in-between!

+The Knoxs were great targets. And Sierra starting the level driving was an interesting spin.

-Petty, I know, but the piercing ‘Vreerm’ noise of the race cars really grates after a while. So does that one woman who screams ‘OH MY GOD’ every four seconds.

The Ark Society:
By far 7’s greatest level, and one of the best in the series.

+Sgail has a great setting and a perfect atmosphere- foreboding and dark. The creepy secret society on an isolated, windswept island at night with bizarre rituals and cultists made up of multimillionaire doomsday preppers saving themselves from an apocalypse they helped cause…you just know something similar is probably happening in real life.

+The best Oppurtun- I mean, Mission Stories and kill methods in the game- Dressing up as Janus and stabbing Sophia, electrocuting Zoe in a lie detector test, iron maidening Sophia, locking Zoe in a burning bird effigy. Gruesome, but deserved.

+Great brooding music.

+Like Paris, this is spot-on with the layers of security. It’s neat how you can progress higher up through both the castle, and the society’s hierarchy. From lowly Ark Patrons through to Initiates, Members, Architects and, finally, Councilman.

-I wish the Washington twins had been built up beforehand. They’re just kinda randomly thrown in at the end of the game.

-There are some annoying Challenges with this one: Collecting tokens, throwing 47 people off cliffs and shooting lots of VIP guards wasn’t much fun.

Now, let’s see where Hitman 7’s missions rank when placed with Hitman 6’s, from top to bottom…

The Ark Society
Situs Inversus
World of Tomorrow
The Finish Line
The Showstopper
Chasing A Ghost
A Gilded Cage
Three-Headed Serpent
Another Life
Freedom Fighters
Club 27
The Final Test
Freeform Training

So, there you have it. See you for Hitman 3/8!


Other than Another life which I would put just above Mumbai I completely agree with you


For me:

  1. Showstopper
  2. Isle of Sgail
  3. Another Life
  4. Situs Inversus
  5. World of Tomorrow
  6. The Finish Line
  7. Three Headed Serpent
  8. Nightcall
  9. Chasing a Ghost
  10. A Gilded Cage
  11. Chasing a Ghost
  12. Club 27
  13. ICA Facility
  14. Freedom Fighters


Just read through this whole thread and found it fascinating. Hitman 2 (2018) was my very first Hitman game, and I just bought the legacy pack to start playing through Hitman (2016). Just played Paris for about 3 hours.

On the one hand, I have to admit Paris is a great level. The verticality is fun and the general party atmosphere keeps things lively. But I was surprised to see this location at the top of so many lists in this thread (in many cases, it was set aside as the very best in the series).

Compared to the Hitman 2 (2018) maps, I would level the following critiques at Paris:

  • Pretty boxy in its design. It’s almost gridlike the way it’s laid out, with a standard mansion in the middle and a symmetrical series of courtyards surrounding it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it feels a little predictable in comparison to many Hitman 2 maps.
  • The female target (Dalia) feels sequestered in the top floor, and so far, that’s made her a bit less interesting to me…more isolated. Maybe my tune will change with more playthroughs, but I find Viktor a much more interesting target (in terms of the options/creativity allowed). This makes the level a tad unbalanced to me.

I can definitely see how this destination would feel amazing if it was the first full mission you played when the 2016 first came out. But coming back to it after playing 50+ hours of Hitman 2 flattens the experience just a bit.


My favorite of the two games is A Gilded Cage. It’s actually my third favorite mission in the entire franchise. I love every aspect of this mission, across the board.

Firstly, the story: I absolutely love the choice of targets, the backgrounds of those targets, to get us players sympathetic to why they should die, and I love how the client wants them dead for reasons that have nothing to do with why the players would want them dead. All the political buildup to the situation, all the posturing of Zaydan and the repugnance of Strandberg, and the client just wants them removed because their actions will cause them to lose out on legitimate business deals. It’s enough punchline to make the Joker laugh.

Secondly, the setting: aside from Hope in Absolution, it’s been awhile since 47 has had to go to a place where the setting would be considered anything less than glamorous. Probably the second Mississippi mission in Blood Money, and that’s been a while. Here you’ve got a schnazzy embassy building, a dilapidated old school, and a market town in between ranging from poor to moderate in economic standing. The changes in this scenery as you move about the map keep it feeling fresh. The fact that the two targets are in different locations that require you to experience all three areas is a plus.

Lastly, I love it because it is the easiest mission in the game to complete Silent Assassin with two separate accidents, without the need for knocking anyone out or killing the surveillance cameras, and any equipment you need to pick up (screwdriver) you can place back as if nothing was ever moved. I prefer to use the methods of kicking the toilet onto Zaydan’s head and electrocuting Strandberg with the railing.

It’s just such a Hitman level, with lots of international intrigue (Morrocan and Swedish citizens being involved), great level design, great kill options, and excellent choice of targets. The Meat King’s Party in Contracts and A House of Cards in Blood Money are, in my opinion, the only superior missions in the whole series.


Gilded Cage has great vibe, setting and ideas, but bad realization.


Yeah Chasing A Ghost is far better at being A Gilded Cage.


How is the realization bad?


Chasing a Ghost is awesome, but it is impossible to kill Rangan in an accident, suit only or in a disguise with gloves, without luring him out of the building and killing him along with one of the other two targets. Malestrom and Shah you can get in accidents using disguised with gloves or without changing at all, hence why I rank Chasing a Ghost lower than A Guilded Cage. If I could use a movie crew disguise with gloves to send Rangan off the building with the fan, it would probably rank higher.


Of course it is possible by having the Kashmirian do the work for you, which is considered an accident.


Shit I realised I don’t think I left my reasons for picking my levels.

HITMAN: I would pick WoT if the games were segregated. Both of the targets are my favourites and also have the greatest story develop both individually and together in the context of the level. The level is so vivid and colourful with a wide variety of colours and now we finally have lighting that feels bright without being gaudy or dark like a Matrix movie. Every section of the map can be used across all modes of play. It has some great kills both accidental and otherwise. Plus the virus is the least grating optional objective in the series. Note I said least it gets tedious now but still.

HITMAN PZ: The Author is just my Sapienza excuses but this time it is set at night. It beats out Patient Zero simply by not having that virus mechanic. It beats out The Source simply because it has the greatest feeling of difference from the normal level.

HITMAN 2: Chasing A Ghost has some of my favourite kills. It has proxy kills tied to a nice NPC story (give me The Kashmirian’s suit IO, damn!), it has fantastic accidents like the train or the fan. It has a nice gritty filter that actually feels like it is necessary, it has ugly browns and yellows that really bring the slum to life. Also the targets are also fantastic with props going to Dawood Rangan who finally fulfils IO’s dream of making an overblown caricature of a character and nailing it. Rangan is both a parody yet also someone real. Of course the Maelstrom is an interesting character if a little dry and cliche for my taste and Shah has a delightful means of having a Raj era character to kill.


True, but I don’t count it as an accident. It’s still clear someone murders him. I want to be able to either kick him off the building or blow him off with the fan, keeping anything from seeming unusual enough to suspect a hit, and to do either of those you need a movie crew or actor uniform, and neither of those have closed gloves. AGC allows you to make a pure accident without even changing outfits. It’s close, but AGC still beats it in my book.


Yes that’s true, I would also find it more interesting if there were more opportunities for accident kills.


hitman 2 SA : Invitation to a party
Hitman contracts : Beldingford’s manor
Blood money : Dance with the devil
Absolution : Shaving lenny
Season 1 : Paris and hokkaido tied
Hitman 2 : Mumbai and isle of sgail tied for best in the franchise


Hitman™: Bangkok (all missions)
Hitman™ 2: Hawke’s Bay

Other levels are great too!