Hitman 1-4 Remastered?

I have been thinking about it and i would like to see the old Hitman games remastered from Codename 47 to Hitman Blood Money i know it’s been brought up before but with the new Mechanics that are in Hitman 2 not to be confused with Silent Assassin i think the old Hitman games with new graphics, the new mechanic system, better AI and the different ways to kill targets would make the old Hitman games fun and challenging.

I would also like to see the weather mechanics increased for those missions that have weather such as Rain, Snow, Blizzards and Sandstorms.

I felt like some of the India and Afghanistan missions in Silent Assassin could use Sandstorms(Haboob) such as Temple City Ambush and The Motorcade Interception which could be used to help kill the targets and also help the player escape unnoticed but also have a negative/positive effect such as limiting the view distance to 10 feet making it difficult for the player aswell as the AI to find you or vice verse relying on your instincts to help you.
In The Motorcade Interception the Haboob shouldn’t happen until you kill the target in the armored Limo which can be used to help you escape the UN soldiers and Nuristan Rebel Gaurds which will be searching for you high and low and killing anyone on sight including civilians and Nuristan Rebel Gaurds. The Nuristan Rebel Gaurds will also try to kill the UN Soldiers as well as you. There should also be a increased number of UN soldiers than in the original game such as 20 UN soldiers or more because the Target is a high valued target.

I would also like to see the First Person camera brought back and also being able to keep the weapons you can collect in missions to use in future missions just like in the old games. Different escape routes, weapon attachments for certain weapons, ICA stashes, suits etc.

I know that Codename 47 and Hitman Contracts share some of the same missions you might beable to find a work around for it. possibly make those duplicate missions a cutscene or add them as missions that can done again possibly planed differently than before.


It would be a great thing if they did this, I mean being able to play C:47 on console would be unreal alone. I’d also like to see some of the newer fans that have played the newer games but not had chance to play the original games get to give them a try, Hitman 2 S:A was my first Hitman and that was the one that got me hooked! I then went back and played C:47 and then from then on bought every game upon release.

As much as i’d love the see the original games remastered I’m not holding my breath, I think Blood Money is the furthest they’ll go.

Given the timeline is shot and the lore is basically sinking into the realm of lower interest, I don’t mind seeing not only the missions being remade but being totally rebooted.

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After entering the pc master race, I’m starting to see all this debate with frame rates and graphics.
Till today the old games works like a charm on PC.
Si bought the HD remastered at launch and I already deleted Blood Money because I find discomfort with the controls and that huge HUD is bothering me a f**** lot.

I just would like a remake of those games only in graphics with glacier2 those games are perfect, and for me even superior to the last 3 hitman games.

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I would do fine without C47 since Contracts does exist. I do think IOI should port the HD Collection of Silent Assassin and Contracts from the 360/PS3. I do express returning to Contracts since I think it had some of the best “classic” Hitman gameplay with it expanding upon SA. It was overall a grittier game and Blood Money leads up to the event’s of Contracts after the Opera House level. I also loved the feel of the First Person perspective because it had proportions right when it came to gun size and hand size. The pistols were tiny in SA and your hands were huge. I think @Travis_IOI and @Clemens_IOI if we could get their attention would see that we do desire ports of the older games for a reasonable non $60 price of course. Maybe $30 or $40?

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I wouldn’t buy remaster versions, unless they’re using Glacier 2 and H2018 gameplay mechanics.


You have to consider the engines they used at the time. They would have to do a full fledge build the game from the ground up. It would be easier to do ports with higher res textures and a better framerate rather than a remake.

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He also spelled Macau as Macaw

I wouldn’t say the old games “work like a charm” on PC. I’ve had to tinker to get them to work on my relatively powerful gaming PC. My biggest gripe is the lack on controller support on PC. I know most people like keyboard and mouse but I played the older games from H2:SA onward on consoles and now trying to play them on PC with a keyboard/mouse is driving me nuts. Clearly the games had controller support on consoles so why not include that feature on PC as an option? Currently I play H2 on my PC with an Xbox One controller and only switch to Keyboard/Mouse when I’m playing the sniper challenge.

TL;DR Please add native controller support for all previous and future Hitman games on PC.

That would be so amazing. Please let this be true. I would rather they just be levels added to H2 instead of their own game but I’ll take old level remakes any way we can get it.


I’d love this so much, but let’s all be real here.

Ain’t no way in hell.

(I do hope I’m wrong. Please?)

I have the other problem around. I started to play those games on PC and my childhood was about many hours in those game on PC. I tried them on console as well with the PS3 remastered but it feel so odd.
How ever I can’t get used with Hitman 2016. So many buttons to press. But I now I can use my ps4 controller to play on PC so I might try that.

Y’all can bring up some new ideas. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin that was the game that i played in 2005 that got me hooked on the Hitman series. Codename 47 was challenging. Hitman Contracts was cool i liked the Silent Assassin rating with unique weapons unlocked. Blood Money i was skeptical at first but soon fell in love with it’s weapon attachments and missions could also keep weapons if you escaped with them and cool weapons. Absolution i was skeptical about that game because Instincts replaced the map. I like having both Instincts and Map in Hitman 2 that’s better i like it. I forgot to mention unique weapon unlocks for Silent Assassin rating that is a good one to bring back.

I think they can do it after 47 dies or whatever in a hitman contracts style where they add more maps to them

I don’t wanna be a buzz kill and I know that this idea of remaking old hitman games in the H2 engine has been circulating but I’m afraid it wouldn’t work. A remaster on consoles would be nice but the maps of the old games are so different from the new ones that the remake would feel clunky and wrong. Playing tunnel rat for example would be so easy because the main challenge is walking past suspicious guards but in H2 the only issue would be a few enforcers. Similarly all the new missions are designed for dozens of replays however imagine io putting the effort into remaking the motorcade interception for example and people only play it once cos the older levels aren’t designed for replays. The ONLY way to beat that level is sniping and that’s it. I think it would be awesome if io completely remade very specific old levels as H2 dlc such as house of cards and invitation to a party that offer more replayability and have more opportunities for experimentation however I don’t think a full remake of the HD trilogy would work soz


you’re right, it would be better for them to pick and choose whichever maps have the most replay value and remake those instead


Hypothetically speaking if this would happen I would want them to remake one level from C47-BM.

The Levels I’d Personally Choose.

Traditions or the Trade (C47/Contracts)

St Petersburg Stakeout (Hitman 2: Silent Assassin)

The Meat King’s Party (Contracts)

Curtains Down (Blood Money)

You Better Watch Out (Blood Money)

A House Of Card’s (Blood Money)

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I agree. Choosing specific levels that were both great back then and would work great remade in today’s engine would be the best route. I don’t need a complete remake of every old level. Just some of the really great ones.

I might be alone in this, but I have no interest whatsoever in remade levels. The level design in 16/18 is frankly much better than anything in the early games (though I do love them to death), so I don’t see the point. Let’s not get carried away on the nostalgia train. I think these remakes would feel redundant and probably inferior next to the current levels which draw inspiration from older ones.

I certainly don’t think any of the C47 levels merit a second remake, so that rules out most of Contracts. The most memorable levels in Blood Money have already been used as inspiration for new levels which expand on their concepts. For instance, A Vintage Year feels like the blueprint for Three-Headed Serpent. In addition to having a similar setting and characters which are relatives of those in A Vintage Year, it has the same drug-lab-hidden-under-mansion structure. Sapienza takes some influence there, too - the hidden lab under a mansion and sea plane escape are right out of A Vintage Year. Both of these levels are far more expansive and feature infinitely more opportunities than A Vintage Year, making even the original level probably feel a bit redundant at this point for new players.

Another Life is quite obvious expanding on the concept of A New Life, and again, it’s much more fleshed out. Situs Inversus takes some influence from Flatline, with the two-part hospital structure, and also takes the sauna kill from Traditions of the Trade. The Showstopper has roots in Curtains Down (Paris setting, high society event, chandelier kills, etc). Club 27 is the hotel successor to Traditions of the Trade/House of Cards. I’m happy to see more levels inspired by older ones, but I don’t want any literal remakes.

What I’d like to see instead is a darker season of the new game with a more horror-oriented atmosphere a la Contracts. That would be the perfect opportunity to use levels like The Meat King’s Party as inspiration for something new and better. But literal remakes? No thanks.