HITMAN 1 and 2 content connection


Hello HITMAN community!

Since the reveal about HITMAN 2 and the stream, there have been a few questions still unsanswered, and I would like to open a thread about what people would like, hope, or think it’s going to be done. Of course I mean the content connection between HITMAN 1 and 2, like suits, gadgets, maps and missions. Here are my hopes and guesses;


I do hope, HITMAN 1 and 2 kind of share the same launcher, or at least make it possible to start and play the content from each other without closing and opening again. That could be done as it was intented to be; one launcher and the second season, or HITMAN 2 as it is called, on top, as a dlc for example. As it already has it’s own entry on steam, but not steam db, I think the best way would be some kind of a HITMAN 1 dlc for HITMAN 2. Let me explain; HITMAN 2 will be the superior edition of HITMAN 1, with more features, gamemodes, and gameplayoptions. So instead of updating HITMAN 1, they just could use HITMAN 2 as the new, updated plattform for the old content instead. So everyone who owns season one, gets the dlc for free, everyone else has to buy it. That would make HITMAN 1 obsolete of course, but noone would lose anything. And I guess a dlc wouldn’t be that hard to create for the season one content, as it, of course, was released as dlc over the whole year of 2016. The dlc would then include the challanges, geadgets, suits, whatnot, just the exact content of HITMAN 1 as a dlc.

Gadgets, Weapons and Suits:

Here is the part I care the most about, honestly, as I think it would be a missed oportunity to don’t include HITMAN 1 content in HITMAN 2. I think there are two great ways to implement HITMAN 1 content into HITMAN 2. As the suits of course don’t change gameplay at all, there is no need to make them an unlock or something like that to a special level of mastery for example. But the gadgets could be, so here are my two guesses; the first, the one with the most work for IOI, would be, to make them useless on a gameplay side. For example we already have two gadgets like that in season 1, the disposable scrambler and the lockpick. While the lockpick is a great choice for Sapienza, it’s completely useless on Hokkaido. And while the scrambler is a great pick on Hokkaido, it’s completely useless on Paris. Some kind of gameplay change in HITMAN 2 could make HITMAN 1 gadgets useless, and of course HITMAN 2 gadgets useless for HITMAN 1. For example more doors with a facial scan, or doors who can’t be breached with the charges, or doors with microchips, not cards. That would be an easy way to make gadgets obsolete and not overpowerd. You might ask “Why impelent them then, if they are useless?”. Well, there are some gadgets I would like to use for fun, like the cellphone, the ducks, or the weapons like the Krugermeier or Striker. My second guess, and that would be the one with the least work for IOI, would be to put them behind mastery level 20 or similaor, like Hokkaido, which was alot harder before we could use preselected items and agency pickups of course. But whatever way they choose, I really want to use my gadgets on HITMAN 2, and, I even more want to use my gadgets on HITMAN 1. Blackballer back? Briefcase? I want to use that on marrakesh so bad.

Now it’s up to you, please share your thoughts, maybe IOI finds here a great way to satisfy everyone, them and us!


Personally I’d like this idea but realistically I’d guess it’ll just be treated like any other sequel;as a separate game. Especially as its HITMAN 2 not season 2.
As a compromise I’d at least like the briefcase to be implemented into 2016 as it seems they’ve figured out the issues that stopped it being there in the first place :slight_smile:


There might still be a chance of this. On PS4, all HITMAN DLC’s show as being compatible with Sniper Assassin (even though they don’t show up/aren’t useable).

Therefore this could be a sign that Sniper Assassin includes code that will be in HITMAN 2 to allow HITMAN DLC to be recognised.


I really hope thats a hint. I really like the plattform approach they did with the first game and with patient zero we got a little insight how one plattform can handle multiple storylines and gameplay mechanics, just think about the special mission patient zero in hokkaido with the virus. I do hope they give us the full content of both games in one application, launcher or game. I don’t want to be limited to one game each if all the content can be used without any problems in both games, as they share the same engine with no significant change that would explain a “you can’t use that” attitude. By the way, one of the images shows the special ave maria sniper and the winter suit, so I guess we get atleast the gadgets and suits in HITMAN 2.


All the times I’ve seen that pic and I never noticed that’s actually a winter suit


Ok, I need to correct it, it’s not the winter suit, but the normal suit from 47. I did some screenshots ingame and it’s actually the signature suit and the ave maria sniper. Here are the images I made;


Raven Suit and Ave Maria Sniper:

Signature Suit and Ave Maria Sniper:

Winter Suit and Ave Maria Sniper:

If you take a close look to the signature suit and the screenshot from steam, and open them on two tabs and quickly look at them both one by one, you can see it’s the same suit and weapon. Now I just hope it’s not a placeholder but a hint.


That means nothing, PS4 has issues organizing DLCs in games from the same publisher. Until Shadow of War allows me to use the Batman V Superman Batmobile DLC like it claims, it’s a glitch.


How about they give us everything just from the start of the game? I mean, after watching Miami again and again, the only uselfull gadgets there would be the breaching charge and the disposable scrambler. And while they still would make the level easier, they require some kind of knowlegde. So you have to play them at least once before knowing “I can use my scrambler here”. But again, what ever they make, I want my Season 1 gadgets back in HITMAN 2 to use, all of them, and I want my Season 2 suits and briefcases in Season 1. Make it happen IOI, please!


Content connection? Frankly, I’d like to see things grow on a common game-engine and expand into an entire digital sandbox-world where you have the “Season Story Campaigns” successively unlocked as you complete each campaign and then a “Second Life” where you can pursue targets of opportunity, and as each successive season releases it expands the range of places you can travel to hunting those targets.

Could also be an interesting MMO idea, with 47 as an NPC and players as Agency support personnel or other contacts working alongside The Chessmaster… of course, 47’s gonna complete the job either way but the more you contribute to making his hit and escape easier the more rewards you get.

Also, with the move to DLC, JMHO but it’d be really cool if whatever DLC you bought for the older games automatically migrated to the newer, and ditto unlocking older equivalents originally offered in the earlier games–maybe have part of the IO/Hitman website be your personal 47 suit-closet and armory where you can see everything you have and what games it can be used in.


hmmm… this topic seems familiar…


Looks like I did this first. I did it more than 30 in the past.